Paralympic Games, the Japanese team has not been a reporter said Tokyo Paralympic

The Japanese team without a gold reporter called Tokyo Paralympic challenge Rio Paralympics Xinhua Rio De Janeiro September 18th sports news (reporter Yang Lei Qu East District) Japan next Paralympic Games host ranked sixty-fourth in the Rio Paralympic gold medal standings, Japanese reporters, Japan to the world of disabled sports competitive level estimation of serious shortage, put forward severe the challenge level of Japanese handicapped sports backward for 4 years after the Tokyo Paralympic games. The 2016 Rio Paralympic Games competitions has ended, the next host of the Japanese delegation without a gold medal, in the standings in sixty-fourth place. The Japanese delegation in London Paralympic Games won 5 gold and 5 silver and copper, the earlier Beijing Paralympic Games to get 5 gold and 14 silver and copper, respectively, ranked in the gold medal standings of the twenty-fourth and the 17 place in the list of the world’s top 8. The interview Paralympic Asahi Shimbun reporter Mukai Hiroki said that Japan had planned to get the disabled sports organization of 10 gold medals in Judo, tennis, swimming and other projects, but they are on the world of disabled sports competitive level estimation is seriously insufficient, the severe challenges to the Japanese level of disabled sports backward for 4 years after the Tokyo Paralympic games. At this Paralympic Game, the Japanese team from the gold medal last 14 days the men’s 100 meter butterfly S11 finals, star player Kimura Keiichi won the runner up. When the Japanese reporter thought he could get a stampede in, did not expect the first gold medal to slip, not regret. The gold medal tied for sixtieth place is Bahrain, Bulgaria, Georgia and Kuwait team, they all got a gold medal; behind the Japanese delegation won 6 medals and 3 medals in the venezuela. Because won 10 silver and 14 bronze, the Japanese delegation in the first team in the absence of gold. The Japanese delegation won 24 medals, ranking the number of medals in the top seventeenth, better than the last of the twenty-fourth, with the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games were basically flat in the sixteenth. The Japanese team only got 1 silver medals in the traditional strengths of Judo, 3 bronze medals; the other is the project won the silver medal swimming 2 medals, 4 medals in track and field, road cycling 2 pieces, 1 pieces of boccia. (end)相关的主题文章: