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Palm Bay launched the world’s first intelligent CRM business – Sohu stores the wisdom of science and technology pioneer in early November will be officially palm shell products updates. Among them, the world’s first intelligent CRM (Customer Relationship Management) business in November 16th available. It is understood that the function can help the line catering, retail, such as shopping and offline businesses from previous customer information collection, analysis, customer data integration mid late precision marketing activities complete management link. Intelligent CRM, intelligent customer relationship management system. Through this system, businesses can get every business in the Palm Bay relation system platform based on customer information, customer information and provide consumer data for businesses to statistics, customer classification management, precision marketing and other powerful features. The member to collect: business customer to complete the transaction in the consumer businesses in the Palm Bay system (including WeChat transaction payment, payment card, Alipay payment, UnionPay card payment, Baidu beauty group hungry takeaway, group purchase coupons verification reviews and beauty group), to complete the transaction through which any information is a way the business is included in the background database. Intelligent CRM system that a mobile phone number or a customer, a customer in different platform account transaction information can be identified, and integrated to the customer’s mobile phone number, membership information based on the mobile phone number, do a mobile phone number that is a client. Intelligent integration: updating consumer data to establish a customer classification model. Once a day, the intelligent CRM can display page nearly 7 days of new customers, customer transaction data, customer activity analysis and customer loyalty analysis, customer value analysis, the new trend of the proportion of clients. The background will be based on the activity model, loyalty model, value model to classify all customer information to help businesses identify high-quality customers. Business marketing: for more independent Palm Bay intelligent CRM system in the data analysis on the basis of the order, can help businesses for independent marketing of. According to the system analysis of customer spending habits, purchasing power, loyalty is different, businesses can choose the first coupon, two coupons, coupons and other ways of marketing. Vouchers time, object, content, etc. can be adjusted. In particular, the card distribution and analysis of the data can be written off to help businesses understand the marketing effect. All operations can be completed in the background of their own businesses. With simple, easy to operate, easy to control and other characteristics, greatly reducing the cost of marketing businesses. According to palm shell founder and CEO Su Kai introduced: big data and artificial intelligence is bound to be the core trend of the future development of the smart store industry, and the release of intelligent CRM, will be a major milestone in the development of the industry. Under the entire line of business store management will be changed, it can be predicted that there will be more and more businesses in the future based on palm shell intelligent CRM, intelligent, precision marketing."相关的主题文章: