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Often have a sense of deja vu or often in a daze or that suffers from epilepsy – health Sohu in November 2, 2016, the Department of Neurosurgery of China-Japan Friendship Hospital Dr. Tian Wang Guangming guest, with the majority of users "chat" epilepsy is not terrible. This time, Dr. Tian Hong introduces some of the symptoms that are easily overlooked or not known to the general public. Dr. Tian Hong, epilepsy is a neurological disease, the incidence is high, about 7/1000 to eight, China has about 9 million patients with epilepsy. "In short, epilepsy is a transient brain dysfunction, and normal people, like, once after the onset of transient brain dysfunction. So, people do, what may be called the past, epilepsy, fell to the ground, pumping ofepilepsy foaming at the mouth, most of the patients think that epilepsy is a symptom that is not certain, because epilepsy is particularly complex, seizure type is various, in fact there are many types of." Dr. Tian Hong said. Dr. Tian Hong pointed out that God — a few seconds or tens of seconds of a God, is a blank mind, staring at a moment over there with, do a thing to do with suddenly stopped, sweeping across the office or a few seconds later began to restore action, then the short time to make my mind a blank, is lost, this time is also the seizure; there is a seizure type, deja vu — see you say do not know, but the feeling where I met old, have this feeling, or go to a place to go to a strange environment. Never, but I feel this place is so familiar, as seen in what place, always feel that way, it may also be a seizure, if the same period Do an EEG, the EEG is abnormal, and this type of attack is called the temporal lobe. Because the brain is divided into five regions: frontal lobe, temporal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, then the epileptogenic foci of different parts of the brain, there will be a corresponding different symptoms. There are some seizures, astigmatism eye irritation is also a kind of see a kaleidoscope of occipital lobe epilepsy, and some stomach rising fear, fear, or hear a melody or music to induce an attack, such as smell smell a smell, always feel the olfactory hallucinations, these attacks the type is very very much. There is a type of attack is to laugh, it is especially the little girl giggle giggle, we called gelastic epilepsy, look no particular laugh content and expression, but in fact very old-fashioned, we called gelastic epilepsy, hypothalamic hamartoma violated symptoms is that such attacks. Called gelastic seizures. Dr Tian Hong stressed: "epilepsy is not to say that I don’t fell to the ground twitching body, I think is not pumping epilepsy, but in fact is more people are easily to ignore, especially the children appear repeatedly this stereotype, a special performance is different from other people, as soon as the specialist hospital check. That is to say, you see the doctor about the child old recently such a situation, what you see is not a problem, let the specialist help"相关的主题文章: