Office worker! The white paper said that nearly 200 people in Japan last year karoshi-liuxiaobo

Office worker! The white paper said in Japan last year nearly 200 people "death from overwork" – Beijing, Beijing, 8 October, according to Central News Agency reports, local time 7 MHLW announced the first "anti white paper" death from overwork countermeasures. Content shows that in 2015, identified as karoshi death, there are up to 96, including the attempted suicide, including the attempted suicide from the beginning of the 93. Reported that the Japanese implementation of "preventing death from overwork countermeasures to promote law" provisions in 2014, to formulate the death from overwork of the annual report, published on the 7 white paper summary of the year 2015, a total of 280, recorded the death from overwork, overwork, Dutch act to prevent death from overwork Countermeasures to work overtime and the. White paper shows that Japan’s 2015 year due to overwork death was identified as occupational disaster, the people of the past, because of overwork suicide (including attempted suicide) was identified as occupational disaster, the 93 people in the 96. Japan due to karoshi was identified as the number of occupational disaster, 2002 people in the year 2015, the year is the first time in 14 years fell below the first 100 people. But death from overwork, overwork Dutch Act (including Dutch act attempted) was identified as the number of workers are maintained in recent years in about 200 or so. In addition, the Japanese heavy labor Province in December 2015 to January 2016, according to an enterprise related to death from overwork to the investigation and survey results released in May this year, released on the 7 white paper also recorded the results of the survey. The white paper pointed out that the Japanese Chief of staff overtime per month most of the time the "overwork deadline" of 80 hours, more than "overfatigue dead line" enterprises accounted for 22.7%.相关的主题文章: