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Odd! Don’t live in a Real Madrid 6 defense will miss a person can not abandon [collection] Real Madrid 3 Liandiu ball 3-3 flat buoyant Baer Benzema broke news November 3rd sports Tencent as everyone knows, football is round, what may happen on the pitch. But when a really China second league will face old, Real Madrid (data) the European champions, staged a wonderful 1V6 break scene, the world still can only be struck dumb…… The night of the Champions League, Hebei China will abandon the happy Radovi, staged such a scene. A former 1V6 triumph over Real Madrid defense that is Legia Warsaw and Real Madrid in the fifty-eighth minute of the match, Legia’s 32 year old veteran Radovi from the left Title pieces into the disease, in three Real Madrid players in the premise behind to catch up and two Real Madrid defender in front of block space, Radovi 20 meters away from the door outside the right foot volley, even though the Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas to save, also unable to stop the ball into the bottom right corner. The fact is that: by relying on personal ability, the team beat 5 Real Madrid players and the defense of the 1 Real Madrid goalkeeper! This pull the multidimensional strange sort of person? I believe that the Spanish people of this Limited reputation, it is not necessarily know more than the Chinese people. The Serbia midfielder, has never been the Serbia national team, although the status of Serbia team in Europe has shrunk. The golden age of his career was played in Poland, with limited success. In February 2015, pull the multidimensional strange ended his Legia Warsaw 9 years after the fight, then joined in the League of the Hebei team for the Chinese happiness, anthich effect. Radovi in a period of time, but in the medium armor, Radovi only played 5 games, scored a goal of 2. Since then, because of injury problems, Radovi was the first line of Chinese happiness revoked. January 2016, Huaxia happiness selection and termination of Radovi, pull a team Davidovich move to Slovenia, he has since removed Serbia guerrillas, finally returned to Legia Warsaw. In a word, Radovi is just this one in Europe had never played the five major league, during a force can not get approval, in the past China Happy Serbia can’t play on the national team player. We say that such individual players are capable of, I am afraid there is not respecting the truth. But such a player, two round tie with Real Madrid actually have the goal, this battle is 1 people off the 1 line real feat, it only proves that now, Real Madrid’s defensive problems too much. After the Spanish media have received much criticism for Zidane, but twitter more experts pointed out that there is a structural problem of Real Madrid: the lack of a real defence minded midfielder. When the opponent is in the danger zone, the middle ribs washed up after the waist should be genuine forced deceleration opponent by interference, but the Real Madrid 5 people are unable to achieve this point. This is the cross, Kovacic the guest back, and the difference between the real and the defensive midfielder. So, Real Madrid can only miss Casey Milo…… (Leng Xue)相关的主题文章: