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Odd cattle International: English silver as scheduled interest rate stability U.S. retail data bleak yesterday evening, the Bank of England [micro-blog] announced interest rate decision, to maintain the benchmark interest rate unchanged at a record low of 0.25%, while maintaining the scale of asset purchases unchanged at 435 billion pounds, were in line with expectations. The bank said that the recent economic indicators better than expected, the majority of members are expected to be confirmed in August, if there will be a cut in interest rates during the year. Yesterday announced a number of important data in the United States, the United States in August retail sales fell 0.3%, the first contraction in March this year, is expected to drop by 0.1%. U.S. retail sales in August was significantly less than expected, indicating that domestic demand cooling, may further weaken the Fed’s September rate hike is expected. After the data release, the Fed rate hike in September dropped to 16% (previously was 22%). In addition, the data show that the United States in August industrial output fell by 0.4%, is expected to drop by 0.2%, the former value increased by an increase of up to 0.7% correction of 0.6%. The United States last week, the number of jobless claims 260 thousand, for the next 80 weeks below the mark, for the longest time since 1970 at the bottom of the mark, is expected to be 265 thousand. The Bank of England pound dollar yesterday after the interest rate decision announcement, the pound dollar fell sharply more than 50 points, then reverse the exchange rate go up, to recover all decline. The 1 hour chart, the pound dollar yesterday out of the V type trend, the exchange rate fell below the earlier upward trend line is currently blocked in average 100 hours, and 1.3247 have been supported by conversion of resistance; average 200 hours, average 100 hours, average 50 hours are now hovering around 0 Sicha signal, MACD axis, RSI turned down to 52 days; if the dollar closed at 1.3218 (Bollinger band rail) below, the exchange rate expected further down to 1.3060 (at the end of August the formation of resistance), if the exchange rate closed at 1.3247, the upside target is 1.3337, 1.3359, 1.3438 (highest since July 15th). Figure 15 minute chart, the pound dollar stood on the 200 moving average (5M), enter the market consolidation mode, the exchange rate is expected to be between 1.3247 and 1.3218 in finishing, if broken 1.3247, will open up space, if below 1.3218, it will open the downside. Figure 2 Euro dollar overnight, because U.S. retail sales data is poor, the euro dollar short-term shot up more than 40 points, then fell sharply, taking all increase. The 1 hour chart, the euro dollar overnight data for the United States received a shooting star cross, the exchange rate at present sideways; average 50 hours, average 100 hours and 200 hours average exchange rate has been coupled, running at three on average, MACD in the 0 axis near RSI in steady near 50; yesterday’s shooting star cross or indicate the dollar fell market, if the exchange rate fell below three the average coupling position at present, is below the target level: 1.1198, 1.1182, 1.1141, 1.1128. Figure 35 minute chart, the euro dollar entered sideways,.相关的主题文章: