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Arts-and-Entertainment Low skills development in the country can be attributed to weak education. The skills development problems in our country is an outcome if the weak training & education system. Starting from early childhood development and continuing right through the school and post-school system and ongoing workplace professional development. The National Skill Development Corporation has skilled over 13 lakh people in the first three years of its operations. Transforming Indias skill development, the motto by which the organization goes, they believe that by 2022, over 700 million Indians of working age will be seeking to earn a livelihood. Of these, only 200 million would be graduates. The rest will be left with a question mark over their education qualifications and skills. In response to this mounting numbers, the corporation has skilled 13,49,742 people in the first three years of its operations and has so far created a capacity that is likely to skill 7.5 crore people by the next 10 years. The corporation was stated that, traditionally, skill development has been government-driven with different approaches adopted by industry and states. Skills training courses were perceived as being for those who could not make it in the formal system, and did not carry any aspirational value. The skills space was supply-side intervention, with very little connect to demand and a lack of focus on outcomes. NSDC was given the mandate of skilling 150 million people by 2022 by catalyzing private sector involvement in sustainable training ventures in 20 high growth sectors and the unorganized segment, and set up Sector Skills Councils. From big corporate such as Centum (Bharti Group), Future or NIIT to ngos such as Pratham as well as educational institutions and social entrepreneurs, there has been a growing interest. A new generation of social entrepreneurs and enterprises is being created. Till now, 38 training entities have been approved for funding and 24 have started operations. Citing the same, NSDC partnered with Hunnarbaaz, a reality skill training TV show on National Doordarshan, hosted by the celebrated host couple Siddarth Kak and Renuka Shahane of the Surabhi fame. Hunnarbaaz! Skilled to win! Is a pioneering one hour weekly reality TV show that searches for Indias best skill star and best innovator. The show will help millions of young Indians become aware of the various ways in which they can upgrade their skills, become employable and commercially utilize their inventive genius to provide for themselves. The show does this by showcasing the most in-demand skills across different industry sectors, creating contest and tasks around these skill sets and featuring employment and entrepreneurship opportunities available for people with these skills. The partnership between NSDC and Hunnarbaaz will give a national platform to the young minds of the country to showcase their talent and skills and thus earning livelihood and bread for themselves. For More Details Hunnarbaaz Skilled to Win! on Social Sites Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hunnarbaaz?ref=hl Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hunnarbaaz Subscribe Hunnarbaaz YouTube Channel: ..youtube../user/hunnarbaaz About the Author: 相关的主题文章: