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"Not the same idol," the network of idols in the suction powder – People’s Entertainment Channel – People’s network of the Olympic Games in the dust has just dispersed. Baoqiang Wang’s family war has been raging. In the face of the two big screen tyrants, experienced from the dark horse to the first four days after the explosion, not the same idol ushered in the fifth phase. A brave man. In this program, the red team moved to Beijing international network, with their suction powder and exhaust all the skills of suction eye, suction gold Dafa, to regain the fans attention deviation. "Lang shell?" An authentic dialect, Chongqing and New York, two cities connected together. The red net team represents Li Heishuai’s first Trump RAP "Lao Tzu does not work" opened the prelude of the today show, so that the presence of the masses eat melon amazing. Black white + Red Net combination from the France team, pure Wuhan is full of hot and dry noodles spicy taste. Especially for large coffee black Wuhan show, has almost reached the realm to deceive. However, when he was faced with the traditional biochemical Chinese food preserved egg in the game link, there is no love, mouth Master second expression package. Chen, when playing, failed to hold the audience issued a host of envy envy hate screaming. The heat from the Malaysia red team boys not only Yan value burst table, and brilliant. A "zebra zebra" so many women anthomaniac shed excited — slobber. The number one team Iran red net chowhound Landry, high force Curve Wrecker in the program will play to the extreme. For China costume martial arts films, this one month in almost know the answer 900 high intelligence talented woman, suddenly turned into Bai Yansong began to comment. "Clairaudient" and "slapping spurting" sharp, let old driver Li Weijia are a bit awkward, he said: "Chinese will work." But in the local part of the relay, the host Liu Wei a "knock knock on the curb shoulder edge cover Tulu skin" northeast teeth, let Landry become a face Meng force, between the facial features clearly said: blame me? Net born idol in the powder, eat melon crowd in the suction star. Whether you smoke is the powder or star, not the same as the "Idol" are you ready eighteen weapon. Remember, every Tuesday night is not the same as the 19:30 "Idol" time with you learn martial arts. Give me strength, give me an idol! (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: