Nora chose to ignore the interests of

Our choice interests responsibility for the neglect of second trial yesterday, Nora, Nora CEO Wang Xin (middle seated) pleaded guilty in Court Legal Evening News (reporter Leeson photo   Tang Lihan) yesterday morning, Haidian court to continue hearing Nora and Wang Xin et al dissemination of obscene articles for the purpose of profit. Full court, prosecutor, Nora company, four defendants and their defense lawyers attended the trial. According to the indictment, Nora and their supervisors Wang Xin, Wu Ming, Zhang Kedong, Niu Wenju for the purpose of making profits, knowingly server setup and was released for Nora player network users, search, download, play pornographic video case, still to be laissez faire, resulting in a large number of pornographic videos on the Internet spread. Nora company and the four defendants constitute the crime of spreading pornographic materials. Court, the defendant company and Wang Xin and other 3 defendants pleaded guilty. Nora company CEO Wang Xin said in court, Nora company chose the interests of the company and ignore the social responsibility, I hope the case of Nora became a warning industry self-regulation. The court investigation and identification of samples the authenticity of   to listen to the views of both parties, in January 7, 2016 8, Nora case after the first hearing, the public reacted strongly. In view of the present case involved the seizure, four servers there are major flaws and the original data storage program, may be affected by the destruction of opinions, the collegial panel considers authenticity identification of samples of doubt, and the evidence for the facts of the case and find out the conviction and sentencing is crucial, so decided to conduct investigation and verification. Subsequently, the Haidian court commissioned by the state information center, electronic data forensic center to examine the four servers and storage, and the source of cases, involving four servers, storage, transfer, etc. after the Court seized the defendant Wang Xin conducted a survey to verify. Because the case involves a wide range of evidence, more significant social impact, the Haidian court to the superior court and the Supreme Court for an extension of the trial period. In view of the above evidence has also related to the facts of the case identified and conviction and sentencing, the Haidian court decided in second before the court again held a pre-trial conference, listen to the views of both parties. September 6, 2016, the Haidian District court held a second meeting on the case before the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the presiding judge, the members of the collegial panel, the prosecutor, the representative of the company, the four defendants and the defender. The pretrial conference of discovery of evidence, all staff in the pretrial conference to fully express their views on important matters on trial procedures have reached some consensus, the collegial panel decided at the second hearing recovery court investigation, the court cross examination again. Forensic identification of the results of the scene read the results of the prosecutor to supplement the evidence presented yesterday morning the trial process is divided into four stages  . First, the presiding judge announced the resumption of the court investigation, the court focused on the investigation report and other supplementary evidence to produce evidence. The court to show the digital forensic opinions issued by the state information center, digital forensic center, and the identification of the person shall be summoned to court, to the court expert Chen Han相关的主题文章: