Ningbo old man suffering from leukemia has been a family member to charity to donate love-gigolos

Ningbo old man suffering from leukemia, unfortunately, a family member to charity to donate love yesterday morning, three people came to the Ningbo Charity Federation in Yinzhou District, took out the envelope of the more than and 40. The envelope is 19 thousand yuan donation to the Yinzhou District cricket enthusiasts Yinzhou District Sports Association for the elderly cricket team player. The player has died due to leukemia, but the family had no money, all donated. Enthusiastic people two times the 19 thousand yuan donation in late September, the old week live in Yinzhou District Jiang town was diagnosed with leukemia, and he played cricket three years old companions couldn’t believe, just over 70 years old, in good health, the old week in May this year has just won the provincial cricket tournament, single, double group three champion, how suddenly got so sick. All know that leukemia refractory and costly, and generally live in conditions of the old week, Wang town Xu Pengfei thought immediately and take the lead in donations, donated 1000 yuan. Subsequently, Ms. Zhu Yafei laoniantixie also donated 1000 yuan, and the information sent to the WeChat group. Pan fire street Xu Jianzhong saw his donation of 1000 yuan, but also to the name of his wife donated $1000. So, to October 4th, the Yinzhou District Sports Association for the elderly cricket team 11 players donated a total of 8200 yuan. In October 7th, the fifteenth session of the Yinzhou District cricket tournament held in academy Park, to the elderly to is over seventy years of age, middle school children, the participants of the column. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ms. Zhu once again launched a donation, careful she also deliberately produced a donation box, and donations for the shooting of the video. Many people love to continue a life gave their love, and heard the news on WeChat, enthusiastic people, made a donation of love red, there is not enough cash, let the organizers to advance about love…… The same day, Ms. Zhu put second yuan to raise donations for 11056 weeks old bed. Intact money donated to charity who knows, the old week condition developed very rapidly, in October 9th, he died. Yesterday morning, the old week son found Ms. Zhu Xiao zhou. He took out a stack of envelopes from the bag, which is two times a week to donate money to the old people. More than and 40 envelopes neatly stacked together, each clear record of each donor’s name, the donation amount, no signs apart most of the envelope. Xiao Zhou said, "the father of this illness, so many people give dad donations, the family was moved. But my father was seriously ill, a few days away, and did not spend too much medical expenses, these medical expenses we can afford to brothers and sisters, so a contribution not move. The family had a discussion, decided to send the money back, hoping to help more people." After listening to Xiao Zhou said, Ms. Zhu also think, poverty alleviation, deliver more positive energy, in line with the wishes of the donors. So she consulted with the SF backbone, we agreed to donate money to charity in Yinzhou. So there is the beginning of the scene.相关的主题文章: