Ningbo Biker costume playing after the robbery make only superficial changes to evade capture

Ningbo Biker costume playing after the robbery in many martial arts costume make only superficial changes avoid the pursuit of the play, often appear in disguise plot characters. Yesterday, the Yuyao Municipal Public Security Bureau announced a series of cases of speeding snatch Ningbo. Two suspects in the case is through the way in Ningbo make only superficial changes, many people who commit crimes, the police traced the intention to escape, but eventually escape the law. Two hours two bursts of speed Qiangduo in August 28th 4 in the afternoon, Mr. Xu, who lives in Yuyao suffered robbery in the vicinity of low Tong Street Zheng Xiang Cun arch, on the neck of a 15000 yuan worth of gold necklace. However, due to the incident suddenly, the speed of the driving speed of the speed of the party is very fast, Mr. Xu had no time to write down the characteristics of the suspects and their vehicles, the convenience has disappeared without a trace. Mr. Xu calmed quickly reported to the police, the police transferred to see video monitoring near the road, found a black motorcycle gear has a major crime suspects, but due to fast speed, distance, unable to obtain personnel physical characteristics and effective information. While the police were investigating the case, 5:30, another victim of Mr. Xu in the vicinity of Yuyao Lubu bridge Pu Road, being in the same way took a 9000 yuan gold necklace. Sure enough, in the vicinity of the crime scene monitoring screen, there have been a black motorcycle block figure. Police determined that two cases of the same group of people, and immediately set up a task force on the case of the case of the investigation of the case of the case of speeding up the robbery and two. Make unannounced visits to police in the village, more than 11 suspects locked in the evening, the police investigation scope locked in the near Langxia street, South village. Task force personnel in batches, secretly visited the village, but did not find the black motorcycle. At this time, the task force received the assistance of the police in Fenghua to investigate the case of robbery cases. It turned out that in the first two days of the incident in Yuyao, the streets of Fenghua have also taken several similar cases of robbery. A few days after a preliminary investigation, the Fenghua police found the suspect has been through four mountain fled to Yuyao direction. Video surveillance task force immediately take a road, they found a completely different picture: two men fled from Fenghua to Yuyao, a ride on the road is not black motorcycle gear, but a white pedal motorcycle, two people finally disappeared in the street near the Yuyao river. Police analysis, which is likely to be a biker play switch: this car white scooter is the daily life of a vehicle, and when they commit crimes, will change into a black motorcycle gear, in order to disturb the sight of the police. One way to make unannounced visits to police in the village is also reflected in a village had seen a medium build young man riding a scooter like white. According to this breakthrough, the panel found this car white pedal motorcycle tracks in the monitoring, through site Paimo, eventually locked in a rented room Langxia Street South of the village. The evening of August 29th, the police rounded up the rent, but found no trace of the suspect. Second day around 11 am, the task force police in accordance with real-time monitoring, and finally found in the New River Road in Cixi target white pedal motorcycle. In an ATM room near a bank.相关的主题文章: