Ning intercity 2017 opened line four line two river crossing line built in five years-stellarium

Nanjing Jurong intercity opened in 2017 to build four line two line across the river for five years to complete the provincial Party Congress report pointed out that to conform to the trend of the main form to promote the city to city group of Nanjing City, play a leading role, promote Ningzhenyang sector integration development, promote the coordinated development of medium and small cities and small towns. The provincial Party, Nanjing Metro Group Chairman she was high in the discussion on the afternoon of 18, revealed a major positive Ningzhenyang integration of rail transport, intercity Ning started in 2017 confirmed the sentence. She Caigao, currently in Nanjing subway mileage of 255 kilometers, is located in the country’s first phalanx, after 5 years of operating mileage will exceed 420 km, to achieve leapfrog development. The next step will focus on the urban and rural areas, Ningzhenyang integration, cross river development center, to further accelerate the construction of Nanjing rail transit. Nanjing to Zhenjiang, Yangzhou rail transportation is conducting a feasibility study. He said, is the first time the EIA publicity Ning intercity will start in 2017 to determine the sentence. She only said, in the cross river development, five years after the Nanjing subway crossing the river by 2 change now is 4, except in the construction of Nanjing and intercity Line No. four, the two phase will be built in five years. Reporters learned that the four line construction is nearing the end of the train has on-line test run, is expected in January next year, which will be put into operation before the spring festival. The second phase is to pick up from the Longjiang Railway Station, crossing the river to Jiangbei District core area, has been extended to the foot of Laoshan Zhenzhuquan, also plans to access long-term planning in Nanjing North station. She Caigao introduced in aspects of urban and rural development, with rather high Ningli and Nanjing and intercity smoothly, two years in Gaochun, Lishui and Qiaolin in the region through the subway. He said that at present our province has Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nantong, Xuzhou city approved six urban rail transit planning, the number of ranked first in the country in the same province. At present, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang is also actively planning the construction of subway.

宁句城际2017年开建 四号线二期过江线五年建成 省党代会报告指出,要顺应以城市群为主体形态推进城市化的大趋势,发挥南京特大城市带动作用,推动宁镇扬等板块一体化发展,促进大中小城市和小城镇协调发展。省党代表、南京地铁集团董事长佘才高在18日下午的讨论时,披露了宁镇扬轨道交通一体化的重大利好,宁句城际确认2017年开工。佘才高介绍,南京目前在运营地铁里程255公里,位于全国第一方阵,5年后运营里程将突破420公里,实现跨越式发展。下一步,将围绕城乡统筹、宁镇扬一体化、跨江发展等中心工作,进一步加快南京轨道交通建设。南京到镇江、扬州的轨道交通正在进行可行性研究。他透露,正在进行第一次环评公示的宁句城际将确定在2017年开工。佘才高表示,在跨江发展方面,五年后南京的过江地铁将由现在的2条变为4条,除了在建的宁和城际之外,四号线二期将于五年内建成。记者了解到,目前四号线一期建设已经接近尾声,列车已经在线试跑,预计明年1月份,也就是在春节前将投入运营。其二期是从龙江站接出,过江至江北新区核心区,一直延伸到老山脚下珍珠泉,远期还计划接入规划中的南京北站。在城乡统筹发展方面,佘才高介绍,随着宁高、宁溧和宁和城际的顺利推进,高淳、溧水和桥林地区两年内通地铁。他介绍,目前我省已经有南京、苏州、无锡、常州、南通、徐州六市获批轨道交通规划,这一数量在全国同类省份中排名第一。目前扬州、镇江也正在积极谋划地铁建设。相关的主题文章: