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Affiliate-Revenue Today, e-commerce is not for giant companies like Amazon and eBay alone. Even average person can profit from e-commerce concepts and make steady income from home. What makes making money on the internet so unique is the fact you can start with low cost. You don’t even need to have your own products. For new players, the number one business model that they would try is affiliate marketing. Think of an affiliate as marketing agent on the internet. However, the cost is cheap since you utilize the power of the internet. Plus, it can be done 24/7 as long as the website exists. As an affiliate, you can sell one high quality product without understanding how the product is created. You don’t need to manage stuff like shipping, product creation and customer support. All of that are taken care by merchants. Another reason why most people choose to start with affiliate marketing is they want to test the profitability of one market. You can test one market first by becoming an affiliate. Once you know that the market is profitable, you can launch relevant product in the industry. Selling eBooks is another profitable business model that is loved by lots of people. You don’t need to invest thousands in printing machines or factories. Anyone can publish and send eBooks as long as he has internet connection at home. It’s that powerful. Whether you are selling affiliate product or an eBook, there is one website that will help you. That is Clickbank website. Clickbank is the largest retailer for digital products. It will manage the payment, affiliate tracking, affiliate payment and customer refund. If you want to make lots of income from Clickbank, you need to master a few core skills. These skills will be used, regardless you are selling products as affiliate, eBook publisher or even selling physical products. These are some of the core skills that you need to understand: 1. Learn how to use articles for traffic. The internet is about information and one way to deliver information is by articles. That’s why, articles are widely used to generate traffic and high quality backlinks. However, the traffic from your articles might be limited, depending on the competition of the market you are into. Remember, you are not necessarily need to be an expert in one topic to provide articles and jump into one marketing. Outsourcing is one smart way to replace yourself. However, be smart and find good article writing services inside free forums. 2. Create a fully optimized website with WordPress. Search engine is the number one way to get traffic online. You can drive decent daily traffic with articles, but you will get lots more traffic if you build an optimized website using WordPress. Unlike other blogging platform like B2Evolution or Joomla, WordPress is widely used. There are lots of developers are creating powerful themes and plugins for WordPress. Hence, you can create a good-looking website with this tool and then dominate Google search result. 3. Use email marketing for long term success. Based on research, over 95% visitors will leave one website without buying anything. However, if you collect their emails and keep reminding them about the benefits of your products or services, around 10% of them will convert into customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: