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The new version of "Binnn" on the Jewish reproduction Hamlet – Sohu entertainment   version of "Binnn" reproduction of Jewish Prince Sohu entertainment news (Sen Yuewen) new version of "Binnn" (Bun-Hur) released in October 10th. The brutality of the Jewish Prince five years of slavery at survival, eternal charm of fifty-seven years of changeless screen reproduction. According to the movie "Binnn" Lou Wallace, a book in the 1880 novel "Binnn: the story of Jesus" adapted from the billions of dollars of investment, the time span of 33 years. The Jewish Prince Ben Hur (Jack Houston) Rome suffered imperial regime persecution, was serving Rome tribunary yoshie Sarah meters (Tobey ornaments for treason? Kebbel) exile into slavery, after years of hardship and suffering, wanted to return to the hometown of revenge, but in the process of revenge but soul salvation. "Binnn" has previously produced multiple versions, 1907 and 1925 are each edition of silent film, 1959 American director William Wheeler filmed the "Binnn" is the most legendary, won thirty-second Oscar nominations twelve, eventually won the best film, director, actor 11 awards, a record in Oscar history has the highest winning record. The new version of "Binnn", "Assassin union" director Timur Bekmambetov at the helm, with love to kill the brotherhood, led the audience in history, feel the ancient Romans tough hegemony and strive for freedom the bottom of people struck with fear. The new version of "Binnn" and "grand majestic chariot racing, speed and passion such as ancient Rome version". The wronged Jewish prince was sold to slave ships, when five years of toil to bottom, a shipwreck to return to freedom, and Iam in Iraq (Morgan Fawkes at the end of the Emirates?) under the help, through a war carriage race to have brothers Sarah meters revenge, for the oppressed people to strive for free. The last horse car race fragment ten minutes of the climax of the movie is, on the one hand, the lens is filled with brutality between life and death, the horse stepped on, dragging the body as brothers showdown broke out forced exciting force. On the other hand, it also reflects the ancient Rome regime under the fanatical desire to kill the mob. After this scene made a total of 32 days, the use of 86 horse "horse" into play. The new version of "Binnn" is the largest landscaping for war carriage race preparation, the creative team spent more than three months, in Rome Park studios made part of the scene left the arena tibi. There are enough comparable to "300: Rise of an empire" in the Salamis naval battle scene, Backman Betov director Timur? Collecting data to various auxiliary bus accident monitoring screen shot, he also from South Korea an actual inspiration. Compared to the previous several "Binnn" version, the new film of Morgan? Freeman played the role of chief of Iraq at the end of Yamm, there are more words. After fleeing the deadly slave ship in Iraq at the end of Ben Hur, Iam become his mentor and benefactor, teach him to control the war carriage technology. Hollywood gold play bone Morgan – Freeman, "on the other side of the meaning of the". Of all the movies and theatres in Binnn, this is the color.相关的主题文章: