New modern new Shengda listed 22.48-28.98

The new modern new Shengda listed the sale of 22.48-28.98 million Phoenix Automotive News recently, Beijing announced the new victory of modern new (New Shengda product name) officially listed, the new car has a total of 2 kinds of power system the 5 models, the price range of 22.48-28.98 million, with price table below: 2017 models of modern new Shengda the official guide price models (million) 2.4L manual two drive intelligent 5 seat 22.48 2.4L automatic two drive intelligent type 5 23.98 2.0T automatic two drive intelligent 7 seat 23.98 2.0T automatic four-wheel drive intelligent 7 seat 24.98 2.0T automatic four-wheel drive flagship 7 28.98 tab: Phoenix car new new Shengda is mid existing models the modification, a certain adjustment compared to the current model, debuted at the 2016 Chengdu auto show. Little change in appearance design relative overseas edition change models, headlights using LED light source, daytime daytime running lights, grille, front fog lights and front bumper are changed. Changes in the rear end of the car is mainly concentrated in the shape of the tail. The interior, the new new Shengda basic continuation of the current model design, console using black and dark silver trim. The configuration upgrade than the current model, including intelligent cruise control system, automatic emergency braking system, blind spot monitoring, automatic parking and JBL audio equipment will also appear. Power, the new new Shengda 2.4L and 2.0T two engines, the maximum power of 189 horsepower and 245 horsepower. Transmission, the engine is matched with 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmission. In addition, the car also provides two drive and four-wheel drive models for consumer choice.相关的主题文章: