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Network security in the home is a village village Cang Haikou cut nearly 240 thousand yuan property stolen South China Sea, South China Sea client Haikou on October 7th news (South China Sea network reporter Ma Weiyuan) October 7th, Haikou District of Longhua City Cang Xi Cun Zhuang people to reflect the South China Sea on the early morning of October 5th, his family home stolen, 3 safe stolen, in there are nearly 240 thousand of the value of property and multiple copies of important documents. Currently, Haikou, Longhua police have been involved in the investigation. Network security is cut off 3 safes nearly 240 thousand yuan stolen property had been broken the window. Ma Weiyuan, President of the South China Sea network reporter, Mr. Zhang introduced in the afternoon of October 4th, he and his wife, the youngest daughter to travel by plane to Guilin, the eldest son of A Yao alone at home. On the morning of October 5th, he received a phone call from Yao, who learned that the family was stolen, they rushed to take the first flight back to Haikou 6. A Yao said that after he went to bed at night on October 4th, one night did not hear abnormal noise. He got up at 10 a.m. on October 5th, when he found the key in the lock. "Our home security door locked, whether in the house or outside, must use the key to open." A Yao said, when he saw the key on the door lock, he hurried to the parents, sister bedroom view, then found two bedroom put the 3 safes are gone. O Yao said, after examination, he found that the parents bedroom anti-theft nets have been cut, the suspect is from the thief at network security was cut into the house, opened the door and safe. This is a total of nearly 240 thousand yuan stolen property in the property, in addition to cash and all kinds of jewelry, there are multiple copies of important documents can not be assessed in." Mr. Zhuang said. Stolen video surveillance was photographed. Nanhai network reporter Ma Weiyuan photo monitoring found 3 suspicious men suspected to be a safe electric vehicle. Yao said, he found that control installation in the neighborhood, there are 3 men from his home to the safe move, then through the electric vehicle. Nanhai network reporter saw in a neighbor’s monitoring at Yao, October 5th at 3:51 in the morning, 2 men from the village home direction force carried a similar safe items to the remote office, one of the men to pick up the pieces of the cover plate. After a while, a man riding electric car came to the safe, similar items are moved to the electric car. Around 4:30 the same day, an electric car from the monitoring department, the electric car is also carrying a similar safe items. Reporters also noted in the monitoring, including 1 men in the waist with a suspected knife or hydraulic scissors and other items, but also the man wearing gloves, socks.相关的主题文章: