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Netizen 80 locations need public bicycle   response: reference and Research – Shaanxi channel — original title: online message 80 locations need public bicycle response: the reference and research in Xi’an where necessary public bike site users a message on the 80 sites most popular a few days ago, the Chinese network released the collection where Xi’an is badly in need of a public bike station ", in WeChat, micro-blog, the forum received a total of nearly a thousand user comments. The demand for bicycles in Xi’an is so high, it seems that public bicycles have become an indispensable means of transportation for many people in Xi’an. 29, Xi’an public bicycle company leaders accept China Merchants Network interview, we forwarded to the Chinese netizens recommended 80 hot spots, Xi’an public bicycle company leaders said will refer to the opinions of netizens for investigation. Friends recommended location: suburban subway needs urgent demand in thousands of messages, netizens recommend hundreds of much-needed bicycle locations, including more than 80 locations have been recommended, these sites are mostly concentrated in the suburban area and along the subway. The more popular suburban locations, such as bridge, south of Chanba Peninsula surrounding University City, north near the North Third Ring Road and other places, there are more intensive residential areas, while the existing bus can not satisfy the demand for travel, so the local people eager for public bicycle can solve their "last mile". Netizens mentioned that there are more stations along the subway. In addition to the existing Metro Line 1, line two, the upcoming metro line three is also recommended by the Internet users focus. Such as fish of the village station, technology road Xikou, Qinglong temple, stone street, Ba center etc.. After the opening of metro line three, the traffic volume of these subway outlets will also increase, and the demand for public bicycles will also increase. Xi’an public bicycle company responded to this: will refer to the opinions of users for research, 29, Xi’an public bicycle company leaders accepted the China Merchants Network interview, netizens concerned about the problems were answered by one by one. When we see the 80 place finishing friends recommended, Xi’an public bicycle company leader Liu Zhimin said, they also have the staff to collect users advice online, some research is that they have had or are planning to place this station in 80 locations, but said it will refer to Chinese netizen opinion, to some other place will also carry out research. It is understood that the construction of public bicycle stations will be affected by many factors. The basic conditions of building the site: 1. location: subway, bus lines on the import and export of large residential area, site entrance, Business Center Plaza, the regional administrative center; the 2. space covers an area of not less than (25 meters *2 meters) 50 square meters, from the blind, the green belt at least 0.5 meters to 3. power supply: around; within 20 meters of a stable power supply (units, businesses, the best) lamp or other lighting facilities etc.. In addition to the above basic conditions, there are other factors also affect the construction site, such as municipal overall planning. This is a popular location in Fenghe junction, because of the construction of the construction fence of Spark Road Interchange 网友留言80个地点急需公共自行车 回应:将参考和调研–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:网友留言80个地点急需公共自行车 回应:将参考和调研 西安哪里急需公共自行车站点 网友留言中这80个地点最热门   前几日,华商网发布了“西安哪儿急需公共自行车站点”的征集,在微信、微博、论坛共获得了近千条网友留言。西安网友对自行车的需求竟这么高,看来公共自行车已经成为很多西安人必不可少的交通工具了。29日,西安公共自行车公司的领导接受华商网专访时,我们转交了华商网友推荐的80个热门地点,西安公共自行车公司领导表示将参考网友意见进行调研。   网友推荐地点:城郊需求迫切 地铁口需求量大   在近千条留言中,网友推荐了上百个急需自行车的地点,其中有80多个地点多次被推荐,这些地点大部分集中在城郊地区和地铁沿线。   比较热门的城郊地点,如浐灞半岛、三桥周边、城南大学城、北二环北三环等地,大都有较为密集的住宅区,而现有的公交又满足不了出行需求,因此这些地方的市民急切盼望公共自行车能解决他们的“最后一公里”。   网友提到较多的还有地铁站沿线。除了现有的地铁一号线、二号线,即将开通的地铁三号线也是这次网友推荐的集中地点。如鱼化寨地铁站、科技路西口、青龙寺、石家街、浐灞中心等地。地铁三号线开通后,这些地铁口的人流量也将增大,公共自行车的需求也将随之增大。   西安公共自行车公司对此回应:将参考网友意见进行调研   29日,西安公共自行车公司领导接受了华商网专访,对网友关心的问题进行了逐条回复。当看到我们整理的网友推荐的80个地点时,西安公共自行车公司领导刘志民表示,他们也有工作人员在网上收集网友建议,这80个地点里有一些是他们曾经调研过的或正在规划建站的地点,同时表示将会参考华商网友意见,对其他一些地点也将进行调研。   据了解,公共自行车站点的建设会受到多个方面因素的影响。建站点的基本条件为:1.地点:地铁进出口、公交线路集中站点、大型住宅小区门口、商贸中心广场、区域行政中心等;2.空间:占地面积不少于(25米*2米)50平米,离盲道、绿化带至少0.5米以上;3.电源:周围20米范围内有稳定供电电源(单位、商户最好),有路灯或其他照明设施等。   除上述基本条件外,还有其他一些因素也会影响建站,比如市政整体规划。像网友留言中比较热门的丰禾路口这个地点,因为修建星火路立交施工围栏,根据市政统一规划,这里短期内不具备建自行车站的条件。   还有一些华商网友提到的地点,目前就正在规划中。如石家街地铁口,正在规划两个站点,分别位于西南角和东南角;很多网友提及的大寨路西段,将规划3个站点,分别位于大寨路与团结南路十字向西100米(路北)、大寨路与团结南路十字向东50米路北、大寨路与唐延路十字向西100米路北。昆明路正在规划两个站点,分别位于昆明路与丈八北路十字向南500米路西、汉城南路与昆明路十字向西。而最终是否能顺利建站,还要根据实际情况而定。   系列报道: (责编:任志慧、王丽)相关的主题文章: