Nanning Pro wins Street, the city’s cultural soul will soon disappear


went to Guangxi this year in Nanning, I live in a hotel opposite the autonomous district, the hotel is next to the lake bridge, standing on the top of the bridge, looked into the eye is the blue sky and clean the city streets. This scenery is my favorite.

my good friend Hu wild brother said, to Guangxi, Nanning, the first to go to Zhongshan Road, because it is the most lively place at night. Many snacks, as well as local characteristics are here, every one of the people who travel to Nanning to go there for a walk, take a look at, but also to taste the local snacks.

to tell the truth, we all know that such a place more people, lively, but there are some problems do meals. However, because everyone likes lively, so, like this place, the country is the same, there are snacks, there are a lot of people; and more people on the place where the birth machine.

me too, every place, but also to the most lively places to see, I think, only to that place, in order to feel the atmosphere of local culture and tourism. Only in such a place, and even, we eat the most rubbish thing, but it can best reflect the city’s prosperity and prosperity, economy and culture.

maybe, as I say, some people are unhappy. Indeed, we are in the most lively place, eat the most unsanitary food.

well, I’m not going to talk about the topic of interest.


, when I was in Nanning, my good friend said, in fact, to see in Nanning there is a place to be, that is a near Zhongshan Road called Lin Sheng Street South, there is the simplicity of the old old house, and unlike the courtyard of the small courtyard. The small street was soon demolished.

that afternoon, the sun was shining and I came to this historic and cultural street. When I was standing on the Zhongshan Road, I saw this small, inconspicuous or small street beneath the tall buildings.

I followed the signs to the small building below. This is a simple or old residential areas, some of the tiles have been very old, in the light of the sun issued a glimmer of dust. I walked into a small alley, while walking to observe, as if an archaeological expert in the history of the same view, the history of the lights will soon see the old buildings.

when I was carrying a camera in the narrow lane in the tour, sitting in front of some of my aunt to cast a strange light. Even some aunt want to stand up and ask what I do, but I see yo hey estimation of face and strong body, no one to my voice.

actually, I was also very disturbing, because, if they handle me as to do the demolition, a group of people surrounded me, I also have a mouth can’t say!