Nanjing, the bank has been more stringent provisions of the implementation of the new mortgage rules

Nanjing bank has a mortgage new deal regulations more stringent than the implementation details of the Modern Express News (reporter Wang Jing) during the national day, Nanjing property market regulation overweight again, in order to "purchase + credit limit combined form of Nanjing resorted to the history of the most stringent property policy. Credit limit, the first time the proportion of down payment loans from 25% to $30%, with a total of 1 sets of housing and loans are not settled again to buy a house, the first payment of not less than $5 to upgrade to not less than 8. According to the provisions of the new deal has been implemented in October 6th, the reporter from the day before a number of commercial banks in Nanjing learned that only a handful of the most new mortgage rules, including banks, customers first purchase, 90 square meters below the minimum down payment of 30%, 90 metres above Shoufu ratio of not less than 50% this requirement is new, significantly more stringent. Insiders said the state-owned big firms as the industry benchmark, formulate rules will be more cautious, not so fast, most banks are still in a wait state, but not the essence of policy tightening aliasing. Shoufu ratio improve, National Day difference before and after the evening of October 5th, the general office of the Nanjing municipal government issued the "Circular on further strengthening our efforts to control the real estate market" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), requires further tightening of the restriction and limited credit policy. Mortgage, the down payment ratio is a comprehensive improvement. According to the notice requirement, the first time the purchase of ordinary residents of households (referring to the purchase of housing), in accordance with national policy, the minimum down payment ratio of not less than 30%. Purchase loan records, but did not apply for loans to purchase the actual housing households; 1 housing units, but there is no record of the purchase loans households or appropriate home loans have been settled households, the lowest for the first commercial housing loans to individuals to purchase ordinary housing payment ratio from 35% adjusted to not less than 50%. Households with 1 sets of housing and the corresponding purchase loans are not settled, once again apply for commercial housing loans to individuals to purchase ordinary housing minimum down payment ratio, from the original 50% adjusted to not less than 80%. For households with two or more housing units, the suspension of commercial housing loans to individuals. The notice shall deal in October 6th formally implemented, but the real estate bureau and banks and other relevant departments 8 days before entering the working day, a national holiday time, many residents have qualified buyers may be a substantial increase in the proportion of down payment in the door. In this regard, Nanjing is a state-owned commercial bank credit department staff said: "the impact of real estate Shoufu ratio adjustment to the new national day is relatively large, many customers can not contract to real estate bureau before the national day will be subject to political constraints." He also told reporters that the new provisions of the October 6th, generally refers to the new contract time, second-hand housing net signed before this time, Shoufu ratio is not affected. Modern Express reporter learned that many of the bank’s credit personnel after the national day started the first day of a busy deal with new requirements before the loan application, on the other hand to reassure customers of new impervious to eat. There are rules of the bank, 90 square meters down the new house down payment based on the previous experience, regulatory policies and regulations"相关的主题文章: