Nanchong male ATM deposit meets the odd card just crashed out a lot of money and card ravbin

Nanchong male ATM deposit meets the odd card just crashed out a lot of money and card of Sichuan Nanchong online channel (reporter Zhang Gen) "on the night of September 8th, I deposit in the bank ATM machine, but also how the card not inserted into the card, when I get back, but I heard a voice being traded on ATM, I look, the ATM deposit outlet stood in a new stack of hundred dollar bills, and spit out a bank card". "So much money, I was surprised at the thought of losing money people’s appearance, I immediately reported to the police, hoping to find the owner of the first time." Generation driving master He Jiaping said. South City police station after the alarm, the police after careful investigation, in second was successfully linked to the anxious owner Zhu Xiong, and will be paid in cash and bank cards to him. Their bank cards and 9500 yuan cash recovered, the owner Zhu Xiong (a pseudonym) gratitude, made a special trip to South County by the Public Security Bureau police station to Nancheng Shijinbumei driving on behalf of master He Jiaping, presented a banner to express gratitude. It turned out that in the afternoon of September 8th, Zhu Xiong, who lives in the south of the county (a pseudonym) in the Construction Bank ATM machine storage loans, the first deposit of 9700 yuan, and ready to deposit $9500. This machine suddenly shows can not operate, card has been swallowed, Zhu Xiong immediately contact the bank customer service, but was told to second days prior to the loss. When Zhu Hong went to the bank to report the loss of second days, the bank did not find "swallowed" card, when Zhu Xiong was anxious, he received a police station phone, that when he left ATM will "swallow" money and card "spit out". South City police station to the bank staff in understanding that, in the ATM did not complete the deposit transaction is successful, do not rush to leave, if you encounter TUNKA, wait 3-5 minutes, confirm the card is swallowed, then please call the bank customer service phone. Recommended reading: Women’s Bank cheated buy insurance refund that the contract period is 104 years old Neijiang encounter telephone fraud bank on the spot nosy woman in Zigong telecommunications fraud case bank "timed transfer" to keep the 180 thousand Leshan men’s adventure in the postal savings bank ATM stool was photographed man Mingbi into ATM tried to spit the banknote was arrested相关的主题文章: