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Mrs. Buchalter’s garden, looking in – too many Puzzling Adventure Tourism Sohu! That I lost my wife. You do not find the affair, in the end, so we must go back to criticize her, how can not keep an eye on her husband in such a place full of Shiying Ying Yan Yan? Wandering in the world the most beautiful garden, looking everywhere. This is Buchalter Gardens (The Butchart), one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Buchalter garden is located 21 km north of Vitoria, Canada, covers an area of 50 acres. It is the largest and most famous historic garden in North america. The Buchalter family originated in Scotland. The completion of the garden is a beautiful legend. In 1884, Butchart and a talented woman married Jeanne in 1902, his family moved to Canada from Vancouver Island, Butchart Gardens position management cement business today. Because Mrs. Buchalter loved gardening in the garden planted many flowers and shrubs, from the first few plexus pea Tofu pudding and roses, then gradually expand the varieties, regions and design, finally completed the Canada’s most famous garden. With the depletion of limestone cement raw materials, in 1908 Buchalter began to transform the original lime field into today’s low-lying garden, and finally completed the whole park in 1921. It is a legend that the most beautiful garden in the world has been created out of nowhere in an abandoned limestone mine. Buchalter garden is divided into four major areas: a new environment for the garden, built on the Lime Mine after the cavern; the Italian garden, designed by ancient Rome palace, in the pool, the whole garden for symmetrical pattern type structure; three is the Japanese garden, red shrine gate, planted maple, lily, Canada Japanese cherry blossoms and pine, bamboo and poplar gentian with dance, weeping and flowering bridges pleasant; four for the rose garden, Sonochi Hirohiro, rose variety, flowers Jin nationality, splendid tiancheng. During World War II, due to lack of labor, no management of the Butchart Gardens had become barren. After the war, Buchalter’s sons and daughters took over the task of management and renovation of the garden, so that the reputation of the garden to regain the reputation of Buchalter, one of the world’s most beautiful garden. I came to believe that Butchart Gardens people are other people. In Butchart Gardens everyone’s eyes are only flowers. We came in late summer and early autumn season. It is said that the summer garden is more colorful, the night often held various entertainment activities and fireworks; and during the Christmas season is beautiful light shows and performances, put here to create a beautiful fairy tale world. It looks like there’s a chance to visit here in different seasons. The Buchalter garden beautiful affair, will not let you forget?相关的主题文章: