Mr. Yuan may not have to take the one hundred million contract options become the biggest variable –

Billion yuan may not take Mr foot one hundred million contract option has become the biggest variable – Sports Sohu   Drummond this summer NBA alliance has become a large number of hundred-percent burn alliance, Mr. billion from the Union: Drummond, CJ- Mike Room, born Ioannis Antwerp Tuokunbo – these young players have included the portal billion yuan. While Deluozan, Batum, Huo Fude Conley, the second tier league players also successfully nominated the nouveau riche billion yuan. Soaring wage cap has become a key factor in this phenomenon. Conley even signed the NBA largest in the history of the 153 million of the total contract. However, these players in the contract period may not necessarily get $one hundred million. These contracts are usually long contracts for 4-5 years. In order to receive a full salary, in fact, there are many variables. 1, the contract is to protect the NBA contract is divided into security and non security part. Definition of a guarantee contract, is actually quite complex, but can be simply understood as "as long as the player has no subjective reason, the team must pay"; and no guarantee contract can be guaranteed contract, but must ensure that the team on its way to protect the contract before being cut off. No guarantee contract is mainly for some fringe players, can sign the contract for these billion stars, the team had a chance to curry favor, how can let the day to worry about contract problems? Therefore, the vast majority of their contracts are guaranteed amount, and even can be said to be the full amount of protection. Like Ross, although in recent years, many injuries, and the state is also very bad, but the team must pay his 5 year contract amount of not less than $about 94000000. 2, the contract options options contract is the biggest variable billion gentlemen. Although they have a contract of 4 years or 5 years, most of the last year of the contract, there will be options, and usually a player option or the option to terminate the contract in advance. This is also a privilege of these big players. Players contract options, allowing players to make the most appropriate choice according to their actual situation. For example, James 3 years of the contract, the first two years, he must fulfill the end of the year is a player option, he can choose according to the actual situation of whether or not to fulfill the performance of the 100 million year contract for the first time. If he thinks he can sign a more conducive to his contract, so he would opt out of a player option, but if James that moment has been watered down, do not rule out he will fulfill the contract, at least not damaged him this year’s interest. In most cases, these big players will choose not to perform a player option, a very important reason is that they think they have emboldened and ability with the team to discuss a better contract. They don’t worry about becoming free people, because they are on the free market xiangbobo. So, James’s 3 years of age, the probability of the final turn into the 2 year of the year 64 million; Drummond in the last 5 years, the last may be 4 years, 98 million, 127 million. Such a look, there seems to be no more than one hundred million. But in fact, this is more than a mere $one hundred million. 3, ahead of schedule.相关的主题文章: