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Automobiles If you try to think it over regarding the sale of mobile phones and the use of SMS or text messaging service in poor and developing countries, you will be simply amazed at how these countries can suddenly be so highly adopted to these kind of high technology .munication service as shown by the sky rocketing sales of mobile phones and the immense volume of text or SMS traffic in these countries.  If you consider however, the volume of fixed landline telephone usage of these countries you would note a very slow growth in terms of fixed landline subscriptions among the people.        As it is, it seemed that only a small percentage of private homes and businesses owns or have subscribed to fixed telephone land lines even considering that this kind of .munication service has been in place for a long time already.  In contrast, mobile phones which have just recently been introduced to these countries have already showed remarkable ownership and subscription.  When SMS or text messaging service became available to mobile phones, the remarkable growth of mobile phones suddenly exploded to high heavens, continuously hitting the sales chart roof, sales chart after sales chart.  The same is true with text or SMS cards and electronic SMS or text loads.  Both the tele.munications .panies supplying the SMS service and the phone makers supplying the mobile phones have never seen better days                  Along with them, private investors who were lucky enough to invest their money in the retailing of mobile phones and its many accessories to include SMS or text messaging cards with voice and now, electronic SMS or Text messaging loads.   What is most remarkable about this is the poor sector of these developing countries is the most prolific users of SMS or text messaging service.  The first poor or developing country of note that became popular due to the very high volume of SMS or text messages traffic that it generates more so to this day is the Philippines. In fact, the country has earned for itself the moniker of being the texting capital of the world.                               Other developing countries that are now beginning to experience this scenario are Indonesia, Malaysia Cambodia and Thailand in Asia. In South America, countries like Peru and Venezuela are also beginning to have a lot of SMS or text messaging traffic.  In Cuba, where the use of mobile phones have just been recently allowed by Raul Castro, the brother of Fidel Castro, the sale of mobile phones is just beginning to be felt along with a rise in SMS or text messaging service.  In a sense, however, this new .munication environment has given some form of livelihood to the .mon masses, where they can borrow from their livelihood center small loans just enough to buy a mobile phone unit and several dozens of text loading cards that they can sell to other people for SMS or text loads.                                                                                               This form of business has helped many poor people to cope up with the ever rising cost of foods and other basic necessities in many developing countries.  Many analysts has .e out with several reasons why mobile phones and SMS or text messaging service has be.e a real big hit to the masses of poor and developing countries around the world.   They pointed out that majority of the people of developing countries have .e to love SMS or texting messages simply because of its very low cost, and because of its affordability, it gives them the opportunity to chat, to make friends and socialize with one another.                                                         This condition that obtains in developing countries would be totally different in highly industrialized countries where time is of the essence and where the use of mobile phones would have to be in voice as they do not have the time to type what they would like to say over the phone. Aside from this, the cost that they would incur by .municating in voice through their mobile phones would be not a problem for them as they have good earnings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: