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Miserable! The seven United will miss the Arsenal Mourinho said, don’t Poser – Sports Sohu Manchester United to stop serious internal injuries   Manchester United will usher in a tough game this weekend, in the face of the darling of the Arsenal dream theater. Although united in the last round of League defeated Swansea 3-1, had stopped the decline, but the encounter of Arsenal, Mourinho must face a big problem, is a large array of wounded, almost to the point where no one is available. According to the daily telegraph, Manchester United will have as many as seven players missed arsenal. In order to desperate to survive, Mourinho traced in training lecture, ban players "Poser", to fighting for every ball, even braved the danger of bloodshed. It is reported that the Manchester United injury list includes not only Pai, Smolin, but also in Valencia and Luke Shaw, and Ibrahimovic accumulated yellow card suspension, and he has on his suspension to apologize to the fans. In addition, in the international game, Belgium Fellaini injured to return to Manchester, Rooney returned to the Carrington base due to a knee injury. "Daily Telegraph" said the United team will have seven players missed the play Arsenal, this is a nightmare for Mourinho. However, the injury can not completely match victory, like the original united under the leadership of Ferguson has played a classic FA Cup war, when he had 3 full backs the temporary midfielder, the final 2-0 to beat arsenal. In that game, the Reds midfielder four is Gibson O’Shea, Rafael, and Da Silva brothers. But for Mourinho, the most important task at this stage is to score points, even is a strong opponent of A Senna, Rooney and Ibrahimovic so missing striker will be a big problem, "Daily Telegraph" that Mourinho can be resorted to rush Ford, the three lions star just won the MBNA northwest football rookie of the year award. The front change is not necessarily a bad thing, in February this year, the League 3-2 victory over Arsenal, if not changed, there is no rush today. It is worth mentioning that Manchester United also have good news, Mourinho and Herrera to fulfill a ban after the game, the war to ban the return of the war, the return of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United states. Now, Manchester United suffered serious injuries tide, if the player he discouraged, but Mourinho pan back. So the mad war is approaching when the disciples began to do heart construction, improve their morale and spirit. According to the "Daily Mirror" news, the Portuguese players gave encouragement, warned them not to play Poser, to win in the first place, they were also asked to make blood (Bleed Red) preparation! After the British media disclosure, the average salary is the highest of the United football, is the so-called greater greater responsibility, in the eyes of Mourinho, high salary does not mean that it is hard to enjoy. For Mourinho, Arsenal and an objective "barrier" is referee Andrea Marriner, Ferguson has repeatedly criticized him for a low level of law enforcement, who had also used the Scholes red card, Nemanja penalty. (GD)相关的主题文章: