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Meng Da dyed red hair as routine championship ring to Meng Da’s coach in training before the game sina sports news Beijing time on October 29th, the 2016-17 CBA league season opener will be in Sichuan’s home court in Sichuan Province Sports Center opened zhanmu. In the morning Caichang training, the coach team said, can not wait for tonight’s opener. Sichuan team member Meng Da bluntly, won the game what will be better." At the end of the training, to sit on the sidelines of Meng Da has attracted the attention of people. Because he dyed a red hair, especially conspicuous. "After a short summer, looks a bit slow, I do not know how, to dye." Meng Da said with a smile. "You this is to meaning of good luck?" Reporters could not help but ask. "Ha ha, actually not. But at that time I was worried that Yang would say me, (so) this is my tactic. It is a routine a little Yang guide." When asked whether to link ring tonight, Meng Da said more hope to win the opener, "looking forward to the awards is two days before things, these two days still have to prepare the game tonight. After all, this is the opener, hope to have a good start. More is to win the game, winning the game will be better." Finally got the coveted championship ring, Meng Da said he would be well preserved, mainly in this sense, it is a player’s affirmation. (before the finals, but it is said to give birth to her daughter’s gift) she is still small, first save for her." The back of the line a few small changes for foreign aid, Sichuan is also the largest of the new season, but in Meng Da’s view, this change is sufficient to cope with, because they are old but vigorous and maturing of Liu Wei Wang Ruheng, "Liu Weihe Wang Ruheng is going to take a little more responsibility. In fact, from the preseason, Liu Wei experienced, into the team faster. Wang Ruheng this year to participate in the national team, Olympic team training and competition, great progress than last year have been improved. They are a good news for the team." (Chen Xi)相关的主题文章: