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Men suffering from uremia hunger forced divorce his wife she never abandon "you go, don’t you divorce me, I don’t eat not to take medicine." The husband suffering from uremia, afraid of his wife, with a hunger strike forced divorce. "We can divorce, but I don’t leave this house. We still live together, and I take good care of you." His wife loves her husband, although the divorce, but never left the house. Many years later, looking at never abandon wife, husband and wife remarried, Lingyuan Chaoyang Zhang Hua and Liu Yanjie, husband and wife love, true love touched people around. Before marriage that her husband suffering from kidney disease is still on the marriage certificate signed 37 year old Liu Yanjie, Chaoyang District, Lingyuan City, North Street, general manager of the community of ordinary women, Mo Hu. 2000, Liu Yanjie in a barbecue shop. She was introduced to the object, met in second days. "His name is Zhang Hua. I’m ten years old. When he held a bunch of flowers that day, I felt very embarrassed. But it was beautiful." Liu Yanjie said. Since then, Zhang Hua often go to the barbecue shop to help Liu Yanjie wear string, two people continue to heat up feelings. One day, Zhang Hua whispered to Liu Yanjie, "marry me." Zhang Hua asked Liu Yanjie for an engagement. "I don’t think Zhang Hua is 10 years older than me, but I don’t think age is a distance, as long as two people can talk about it. I agreed to marry him without considering anything." One day in 2001, two people go to premarital examination. Premarital found Zhang Hua urinary protein plus two. At that time, the doctor told Liu Yanjie, like Zhang Hua, the disease is not married, ask her what ideas. "The doctor asked me to sign, and said what the consequences will be responsible for their own, I said ok. At that time, I thought, no matter what his illness, I married him." Liu Yanjie said. "After signing, I went home and told my parents about it. Parents agree that they do not agree with. I still insist on my own idea. I think, cure the sick. I can’t take care of him. So, in October 2, 2001, we got married." Illness struck a family of three living in the hospital in October 2002, Liu Yanjie and Zhang Huasheng have a healthy little princess, very cute. However, when the baby in good times don’t last long, 5 months, Zhang Hua would be out of the body. More and more thin, tired, to the hospital for a check, is renal failure. The bad news broke the one family’s dream of happiness. Zhang Hua was diagnosed after hospitalization in the hospital. "Ling Gang hospital doctor and Dean are very good, they see Zhang Hua is always in hospital, give us a single room. The three of us have been there for treatment." Since Zhang Hua became increasingly ill, his temper, not talking to his wife is on children. "I feel bad because he is ill, he is in a bad mood. I understand him, he does not contradict, endure passed." By 2005, Zhang Hua’s kidney failure had become uremia. After dialysis, until now. Fear of dragging his wife forced his wife to divorce Zhang Hua calm, deep remorse for their own practice, in order not to drag his wife, Zhang Hua decided to divorce and let his wife to find a good man, live a happy life in the end of the day, and then let the wife of a man who is a good man, and then he will find a way to live a happy life. But Liu Yanjie said nothing. See Liu Yanjie’s attitude.相关的主题文章: