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Man riding electric car hit a child pedestrian was away barefoot escape driving two wheel electric vehicle hit a pedestrian with a baby in her arms, he not only save, but also leave, only to be the first step to pull down the car, did not think of, off shoes, lost his mobile phone, even the car is not. Barefoot running. Such a dumbfounding scene that occurred in the Pingyang County town Tengjiao Tuo village with the traffic accident cases in the plot. In October 24th, around 2 pm, wie driving two wheel electric vehicles through the Wenzhou Pingyang County town Tengjiao Tuo Village Road, due to improper operation, will hold down the grandson of Ding Apo did not think, on the ground, his first reaction is to flee the scene. Ding Apo said, when she saw Wei to run, instinctively, he pulled his clothes, but he ran desperately. In the pull, the other side of the pocket fell out of a cell phone, because she was injured, or let the other side run. According to the monitoring of the traffic police retrieved that was holding grandson Ding lady walking on the sidewalk, wie ride from their rear overtaking, they will be knocked down accidentally. Even the man with a car fell to the ground Wei, climbed up to the ground to lift the electric car, and then the car wanted to leave the scene, but was Ding Apo to seize the coat. Under this, Wei even a man with a car and fell to the ground, shoes were dropped on the ground, but he just shook off the Ding grandmother, ran barefoot. The accident caused the injured lady head, arm, waist Ding, her one year old son of the head with different degree of abrasion. After the incident, an hour later, Wei accompanied by his family down to the traffic police department surrender. As a result of Wei have alcohol gas, the police carried on his breath alcohol content detection, the result is 59mg 100ml. At present, the accident is still under investigation.

男子骑电动车撞伤抱小孩行人 被拉走后光脚逃逸开着二轮电动车撞倒了抱着小孩的行人,他不仅不救人,反而还要开溜,不料被伤者抢先一步给拉下了车,没想到,掉了鞋、丢了手机的他,连车子不要,就光着脚跑了。如此令人哭笑不得的一幕,就是发生在平阳县腾蛟镇南陀村的一起交通肇事逃逸案中的情节。10月24日下午2时左右,魏某驾驶二轮电动车经过温州平阳县腾蛟镇南陀村一路段时,因操作不当,将抱着孙子的丁阿婆撞倒在地,没想到,他第一个反应就是要逃离现场。丁阿婆说,当时她见魏某要跑,出于本能,就伸手扯住了他的衣服,但他拼命地跑。在拉扯中,对方的口袋里掉出了一部手机,因她受了伤,还是让对方给跑了。据交警调取的监控显示,当时抱着孙子的丁阿婆走在人行道上,魏某骑车从她们后侧超车时,不慎将她们撞倒。连人带车摔倒在地的魏某,爬起来将倒地的电动车扶起,然后上车想驶离现场,不料被丁阿婆给抓住了上衣。这下,魏某连人带车又摔倒在地,鞋子都掉地上了,但他硬是甩开了丁阿婆后,光着脚跑了。事故造成丁阿婆头部、手臂、腰部受伤,她那一岁多的孙子头部有不同程度擦伤。事发后过了一小时,魏某在家人的陪同下来到交警部门自首。由于魏某身上有酒气,民警对他进行了呼吸式酒精含量检测,结果为59mg 100ml。目前,该事故还在调查中。相关的主题文章: