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Marathon quota transfer of the rights and interests of many of the rights and interests of the marathon marathon quota transfer there are many hidden dangers, the two sides can not protect the rights and interests. For the specific operation places do a simple transfer of game narrative: the half and full marathon race are real name system, each number corresponding to only one player, individual entry information is at the time of registration has been submitted, including detailed information, personal ID number. The transfer of the transfer between friends is actually a race for running behavior. A to transfer the quota, B turn places, registration information is still A, the name of the certificate is also on the A, the B is actually the number of places with A number of cloth to participate in the competition. In the specific operation, A and B contact before the game, A will own number told B, and the copy of ID card to B, B will match the entry fee to A, B with A for game equipment to play, the whole process of the completion of the transfer of the quota. The game places on the transfer of defects, put forward the following points: 1 transfer game marathon event places in violation of regulations, are clearly presented items strictly prohibit the transfer game places, run game places a private transfer, will be prohibited for orders. In order to ensure the authenticity of the athletes and to buy the accident insurance for the real name of the competitor, the organizing committee must ensure that the applicant is a participant in the competition. Although the current game is difficult to confirm the true identity of each athlete, but the act itself is in violation of the provisions of. 2 in case of accidents, the rights of both parties are not guaranteed to pay the registration fee for athletes in part to give players to buy accident insurance, in case of accidents in order to protect the athletes can get the corresponding insurance compensation. The purchase of insurance is the real name system, the insurance beneficiary is the athlete himself. If the installation of places for the run, then, in case of a security accident, the interests of the runner will not get any protection, there are security risks in such private places transfer. 3 party B quota transfer is the possibility of fraud quota transfer is generally B to pay the registration fee after A and then inform the number, and handed a copy of ID card and other information, so that there is fraud or. There are running friends have encountered such a problem, there have been some remittances, the other party broke the contact, suspected of being fraud, only hope that the other party may be too busy to forget the delay. A registration fee ranging from tens to hundreds of games, if it is intentional fraud, readily registered a ID cheated thousands of dollars is very easy, and once again reminded the transfer of other people want to run the race, be careful! 4 Party A transfer quota identity information may be stolen because leading game equipment needs a copy of ID card, A to provide the ID copy to B, their identity cards to others, there is the risk of. Copy of ID card can do a lot of terrible things, if it is handed over to a complete stranger, there is a risk. The transfer of the amount of the game in the presence of almost every game, if there is no bad situation, it is a good thing for running friends, precious game相关的主题文章: