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[map] Chinese face overseas core test Jiangling Yu wins S330- automobile Sohu first pages: designed for personalized appearance   young design;     [ ] drive car Sohu; if you ask me: what types of domestic car city to sell most fire? I will not hesitate to answer: SUV! From last year’s sales can be seen, more than half of the domestic auto market orders from SUV models. Which is red to purple compact SUV, every in this market segment in a period of time there are new products unveiled. However, with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, the problem of homogenization of products has also emerged, how to achieve a successful differentiation of car prices competitive advantage? Many enterprises think Yan value brand, in the "eat on his" age, appearance alone can indeed for many fans, but this represents only the entertainment circle, in the automotive industry to rely solely on the beautiful appearance is not feasible, but also a strong technical skills and quality of play.       compact SUV will join the fray Jiangling Yu wins S3 is such a face "in" more "face" models. Before the Jiangling Yu Sheng S3 began the development of the new car that already carried out a detailed investigation on the market. They analyzed the SUV in the field of compact, young people around the age of 25-30, especially after 90 consumer groups are about to become the main consumer of the future, they are more interested in the avant-garde personality.       what they do and what they like to look at 80 or even after the age of 70 can not understand, but it is undeniable that they represent the future of the society. This is in order to cater to the young consumer wave, Yu Sheng S3 uses a unique appearance design and publicity. (responsible editor: superb)相关的主题文章: