Many men on the slot machine of embezzlement of company property several million new net – gambling innawoods

Many men on the slot machine of embezzlement of company property of several million yuan gambling debts – Yunnan Beijing News (reporter Albert?) who lives in Songming Zheng Song (a pseudonym) in recent years many on the machine, resulting in debt, to pay for the goods from the company made after sent to the customer, but resold from others. A profit of 54 thousand yuan. Recently, Yunnan County People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of embezzlement crime suspects Zheng Song approved the arrest of. This reporter has learned that Zheng Zheng after graduating from college, entered the Songming Economic Development Zone, Yang Lin, a food company as a sales person in charge of the company’s sales in Kunming. Because it is the first job in life, after entering the company Zheng Song devoted himself to work, has been very good performance. But over the past two years, Zheng Song hooked on machine gambling, the monthly income is basically lost in the game room, but also often borrow money from relatives and friends. As of the incident, Zheng song owed more than 30 yuan of debts. In order to repay the debt, no money to borrow, Zheng Song hit the company’s idea. He sent the goods to the customer’s name, four times of 54 thousand yuan worth of goods from the warehouse, and did not send the goods to the customer, but sold to other businesses, will be paid. After the incident, Zheng Song worried that in the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked may not be all day long, then fled to escape the Red River, was eventually arrested local police. According to the Songming County procuratorate investigation and supervision department of the prosecutor Chen Shuhai introduced, the slot machine is a machine with a change of gambling, because it is simple and interesting, with countless changes to many young people addicted unceasingly, and then lose debt Wanwusangzhi, even some ruined. However, the slot machine as a gambling tool, itself is not legitimate, therefore not only their own firm can not be contaminated, and once found a place of business open slot machine gambling, should immediately call 110 alarm or report to the competent department of the local entertainment business. Zheng Song as the company’s sales staff, taking advantage of his position, because of gambling debts and the company’s property illegally for himself, the larger amount, their behavior has violated the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the 271st regulation, suspected of embezzlement, waiting for him will be punished by the law.  相关的主题文章: