Man greedy cheap thousand dollars to buy an apple 6plus is a model machine 9c8996

Man petty thousand yuan to buy an apple 6Plus is the model recently, from Sichuan, Chen spent 1000 yuan to buy a second-hand apple 6Plus mobile phone, but when he felt himself picked up a bargain when he found it’s just a mobile phone model. At noon on October 16th, in Wenzhou Ouhai Panqiao workers of Chen on the way to work, I met a more than and 50 year old man in the field, the man took out an apple 6Plus mobile phone to Chen, is said to return to their own home, want to put the eight or nine into a new mobile phone sale. See Chen some heart, the man put a mobile phone to try Chen, Chen took the mobile phone after trying some dial-up functions such as mobile phone, that is really good, I thought you are using a mobile phone function less, not good-looking, decided to buy a mobile phone. According to Chen said, he was holding the mobile phone and the man bargained for a long time, finally agreed to 1000 yuan turnover, but he will be 1000 yuan of money to the man, the man said to Kaxianna out of the mobile phone SIM, from his hand and took the mobile phone, and then back to say is another SIM card, after a while he turned to the mobile phone put into his hands, and then left. At this time, he picked up the mobile phone to boot, but how also can not boot, a closer look found was replaced with a model of mobile phone, while men already disappear without a trace. Later, Chen to the Ouhai Pan Bridge police station, the case is still under further investigation. Here, the police remind the general public, on the side of the road to your mobile phone in a sneaky way to sell is a scam, do not petty suffer a great deal".相关的主题文章: