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Man accidentally fell into the water temperature up to more than and 90 DEG C,, Quanzhou (November 5th) (reporter Wu Zhiming), my father went to work when the body burns 98% hospitalized, critically ill. We can borrow the money, and later also need about 1000000 Yuan medical expenses. These days all need surgery, but the cost and blood are not available, please help caring people." Yesterday morning, Mr. Yang from Sichuan, Quanzhou evening news hotline 24 call the hotline 96339 for help. According to reports, Mr. Yang’s father called Yang Xianmin, had worked in the factory operator Feng Feng feng. Around 7:10 on October 31st, after the completion of the work of Yang Xianmin accidentally slipped into one of the cleaning tank, although rescued immediately, but because the water temperature in the tank up to more than and 90 degrees C, he was severely scalded. Subsequently, Yang Xianmin was transferred to the 180 hospital burn plastic surgery. Mr. Yang provided a "certificate of diagnosis," the father burned 98%, critically ill". Mr Yang Xianmin said that after hospitalization, he and Mr. Yang went to chip in, he has already paid ten yuan, it cannot afford to pay, "I am suffering from diabetes, my wife is also suffering from the disease, the electroplating factory itself hundreds of thousands of dollars to bank loans not repaid." Yang said that his father on his child, his home in the mobile phone store to work, wages are not high, but also a few million dollars in marriage. Originally the father came out to work is to pay off the debt as soon as possible, to reduce the burden on the family, but did not expect this unfortunate. "There is a 76 year old grandmother, father usually very filial piety, afraid grandma can not stand, we just tell her my father hurt, not what." Mr. Yang said that in recent days the father will undergo surgery, surgery costs and blood are not available, "we are now able to borrow money borrowed, the doctor said to estimate the latter also needs about 1000000 yuan of medical expenses, please help us social caring people." He said that the father is type B blood, please donate blood donation 301 hours of intensive care unit of the Department of burns and plastic surgery of the 180 hospital. At noon yesterday, the Quanzhou evening news agency released a new media Yang help information, just a few hours inside the injection volume reached more than 2 thousand. Users have a message for Mr. Yang and his son to encourage them. There are a lot of friends asked donations and blood donation. Around 6:30 yesterday afternoon, Mr. Yang told reporters that seven or eight people have been sent to the. Although the number is not much, but let them feel the warmth of the city, but also make them more confident. (Quanzhou network (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: