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Malone: No, Liu Guoliang would not have today’s achievements will be grateful to mentor coach coach Liu Guoliang show a stunt directly stumped world champion Wang Liqin Malone Tencent in September 26th (according to the ITTF sports website) the 2016 Rio Olympics table tennis men’s singles final, Malone defeated Zhang Jike, won the highly anticipated Olympic gold medal, and Malone in the men’s table tennis team and teammates winning a gold. Since then, Malone realized the individual men’s singles Grand Slam, become after Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui and Zhang Jike Chinese Nanping in the history of the fourth Grand Slam player, but also men’s table tennis players in the first Grand Slam player. Malone said in an interview in the ITTF, if not Liu Guoliang, he might not have today’s achievements. The Rio Olympics is Liu Guoliang participated in sixth Olympic Games, two Olympic Games Liu Guoliang as athletes, and he has four Olympic Games as a coach in the sidelines. As a player, Liu Guoliang continued to make history, he is Chinese first Grand Slam winner, but he admitted that as a coach more nervous, bear more pressure, "in the game as a player, not too much time to think about some problems, all the attention on the game, but as a coach I would have to consider a lot of things and I even think, if the game is lost, how can I explain." Fortunately, the Rio Olympic Games did not give Liu Guoliang a chance to explain, Zhang Jike and Malone have fear no danger for the final realignment, China team ahead of the target of a gold medal. Malone said in an interview before the final, and Zhang Jike himself has been very stressful, but as the game slowly close himself gradually flat mentality, he eventually relaxed in the final show their true level, in fact, before the game I a lot of pressure, but go to the finals after my mood slowly relaxed." Rio Olympic Games won two gold medals, Malone became the fourth Grand Slam men Chinese table tennis player, is also the first in history to win the Grand Slam player, which means that he almost won the domestic, Asia and even the whole world all the table tennis match. Malone believes that if there is no coach Liu Guoliang’s help and encouragement he could not achieve such results, Malone also in September 10th teachers’ day to express thanks. He sent a message in the social platform: Teacher’s day, you have worked hard, I wish the whole world teachers are healthy." The first picture is a picture with Liu Guoliang. Malone in the teachers’ day thanks to Liu Guoliang in an interview with Malone expressed gratitude to Liu Guoliang: "first of all, I hope you can pay more attention to the body, like you said that, in the past six games, you experienced a failure, also won success, including hard work and pressure is not the average person can understand. You taught me to play not only taught me how to do things, a teacher for a day is a father for life, in the future I hope you can continue to guide me." Liu Guoliang Malone is most grateful to the teacher, and one of the disciples of Malone Liu Guoliang is the most proud of. The Olympic Games table tennis men’s team final China team 3-1 beat the Japanese team, won the Rio Olympics table tennis tournament final gold medal. Liu after the game相关的主题文章: