Male drug users will more than 1 year old daughter threw water base caused his drowning has been

Male drug users will more than 1 year old daughter threw water base caused his drowning has been detained in Beijing – Washington September 18th morning at 10:50 PM, doing the work of Chengmai County man Wang Moulin suddenly mad, picked up the 16 month old daughter Wang Mouxin into the southern reservoir located near the Chengmai County agricultural farm in honggang. Although the fire departments joint rescue, but Wang Mouxin eventually drowned. Chengmai police will control Wang Moulin after the urine test results were positive, confirmed that Wang Moulin had drug abuse. At present, Wang Moulin has been Chengmai police criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. Reporter correspondent Han Xintu Deng Haiwen Wang Chang Kai man suddenly picked up more than 1 year old daughter into the reservoir in the morning of September 18th, Wang Moulin with his wife and two daughters to the south near Chengmai County Reservoir Zhonggan rubber plantation workers, do not know what the reason, Wang suddenly mad generally only 16 month old daughter Wang Mouxin into the reservoir. The time of the incident, as far as Chengmai County literati town Wenfeng Village Party branch secretary Wang Shilei witnessed the whole process, he saw Wang Moulin holding the child hurriedly ran to the edge of the reservoir, directly into the water. For Wang Moulin this crazy behavior, the wife did not immediately find, until the sound of the child fell into the water when it was found not immediately catch up. "The reservoir was so big, the water was so deep that the child had gone out when his wife came." Wang Shilei said, because of loving, do not know the water Wang Moulin’s wife to go to find her daughter. At this time on the shore of Wang Moulin had a crazy move, he took off at the shore of the eldest daughter of clothes ready to throw it into the reservoir, thanks to his wife response in a timely manner, immediately ashore to protect the eldest daughter. Rescue workers yesterday girls salvaged the remains of shortly after the incident, Chengmai fire department received the alarm call, Jin Jiang fire squadron dispatched 1 fire trucks and 1 rubber boats, 7 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene. The fire brigade arrived at the scene, the informed people learned that a man convicted of drug confusion, into the southern girl will own more than 1 year old reservoir. After the fire officers and men to understand the situation around the reservoir, the rescue of two groups, a group of rubber boats in the water area of the search, another group around the reservoir search. Search personnel in the rescue process hook spear found drowning area water a lot, then contact the professional rescue rescue team to support the blue sky. Until 20 when the day is dark, still not looking for drowning girl. Yesterday at 9 o’clock, Chengmai fire joint blue rescue team on the shore and water search and rescue, consider the water more grass, rescue workers first use spear hook to clean up the water, ready for the late launch. At 10:30 yesterday, the water rescue team in the use of hook hook cleaning process accidentally fell into the water girl, and then with the help of the shore rescue personnel, will be drowning girl’s body salvaged. Suspects have been detained according to Wang Moulin (male, 31 years old, Wen Ru Zhen Pai Po Garden Village) had been employed in Sichuan at the beginning of this month, from Sichuan Chengmai back home. Reporters learned from the Chengmai County Public Security Bureau, Wang Moulin from 2008 to work in Sichuan, Chengdu, in the process of working with the drug. In August 20th this year.相关的主题文章: