Make divorce Too wide Li Nian crazy delete Bo sigh life hard (Figure)

Make divorce? Li Nian crazy too wide a sigh of life hard to delete Bo (Figure) Li Nian Phoenix Entertainment News at noon on September 8th, because of a corner of drama "dwelling" in the "seaweed" starring Li Nian published an intriguing micro-blog, a person claiming to be really hard to walk. Li Nianshan micro-blog read her before micro-blog has been deleted, only 13 years before the May contents. This behavior allows many users can not help but guess, Li Nian marriage has emerged? In June this year and her husband Li Nian and show loving husband rare hand is strange, in June 20th this year, and the media to take Li Nian and her husband with a tour of Hangzhou, in the photo, Li Nian makeup clean, a casual hair shawl, white T-shirt and black jeans casual dress collocation, fresh full range of children. The couple married two people four years like love, sweet hand envy others, friends begged "recipe". It is reported that, at the beginning of December 2010, in the "very quiet distance" program, Li Nian exposes himself was engaged in the United states. The afternoon of July 13, 2011, Li Nian acknowledged in his micro-blog and Saif partner Lin Heping, has been in Hongkong registration of marriage, husband of peace was burst is married. As Li Nian admitted already married, reported that Li Nian and his ex-wife divorced husband Lin peace because of Li Nian’s involvement, revealed that Li Nian is the mistress. 15 years later in November 24th, Li Nian through micro-blog denied that he is a mistress, and rebuked the media chaos by words, to use legal means to safeguard the rights of. November 25th is the five anniversary of Li Nian and her husband, Li Nian taking affection for her husband in micro-blog, ebullience praise and love of the state is really envy others. Today, Li Nianlian this love micro-blog are deleted, a sigh, no wonder netizens have speculated about her marital status "red light". The portrait of Li Nian and her husband met   and her husband; Li Nian wedding when recalled two acquaintance Li Nian told reporters, met two people is very simple, "is a woman in a gathering of friends, I met him, he felt so magical, because he had seen Chen Daoming and I play" Jasmine ", my stills as a desktop computer, so as to know." But after the two met, there has been no contact, until Li Nian’s father’s company encountered some problems of financing and investment, he thought he was a financial expert, so ready to ask him to ask him to eat a meal. At that time, Li Nian also think this person is very stingy, don’t let her sit a little too much, "after eating, he also is not rushing to pay for a gentleman." But then Li Nian slowly discovered that the husband is the advantages of thrift, comparison. Two people’s communication is not very smooth, Li Nian: I just know, he sent me home, suddenly offered to contact me, I refused." "I’m 14 years old, I think we have a generation gap from age. In addition, I still resist the young people, these young people will feel frustrated is frivolous and aloof, I am not very love. Then came in contact with the discovery. He is very filial to their parents, very polite, I know he is not proud." Li Nian said that after the first refusal, he also changed the phone number, but the other side and.相关的主题文章: