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It’s every man’s dream to have three or four girlfriends. I’m not talking about actual GIRLFRIENDS, where you have to see them all the time. I’m talking about women that are "friends." What I mean is that there is a connection – there is a level of trust and affection for one another. And obviously you are sensually intimate. Both needs are fulfilled. The problem arises from our social conditioning. Society – through the media, friends, EVERYONE – tells you that as a guy, if you sleep with a girl but not .mitted to her, then you are a cheater, or "player." This is unfortunate because it ends up depriving lots of women of what THEY NEED. First, women need to feel FREE. So this monogamy thing ties girls down as much as it does you. Second, women need to feel CHOSEN, not obligated. Now you may have women telling you, "Oh, I don’t sleep with a man unless he’s my boyfriend." This is gibberish. What the woman means is she won’t sleep with a guy she doesn’t trust and care about, and usually that’s a guy who has sacrificed all his other options for her sake. And she equates this with "boyfriend-girlfriend status." Let me tell you about my life. First thing, I never promise for tomorrow. I .mit to caring about her right now. I am enjoying our time together right now, and that is where I am .mitted. I .mit to MYSELF, to my desires. But to boyfriend status? If that’s what she wants to call me, fine. But I don’t say "OK I’m not going to see other girls, because I’m scared I’ll never do better than you and I fear losing you." Does that strike a cord? It should, because that’s the attitude almost all guys have when they meet a hot women. What’s sad is that most hot women are .plete basket cases (I’m not talking about the true 10’s – most of THOSE girls are actually really developed intellectually, but that’s for another article). If you go to any average sized town, and meet the "hot girls" of that city, what you’ll encounter are a lot of jaded, weird, insecure women who don’t know what a real man is. This is will make it EASY to create a harem ANYWHERE. Here’s why: Women respond POWERFULLY when a man acts like a man. Women will sacrifice all their preconceived values for what FEELS GOOD EMOTIONALLY. Being with you feels good emotionally. So if you can give a woman the same emotions she chases by jumping into relationships, without letting her take power over your life and creating drama, guess what? You have a casual girlfriend. You see, the only reason a woman wants "exclusive relationship status" is to get an emotional high from that security. But as a pickup artist, you can give her that feeling of security without .mitting exclusively. What security .es down to is her feeling a connection with you – you care about each other, you trust each other, you KNOW about each other, and you won’t abandon each other. Women have to be much more careful than men when it .es to picking mates (dates). And that’s why a little "game" is needed. Men who are able to over.e the resistance women put up are said to have "game." But I want you to go beyond this, because "game" is child’s play when it .es to pickup mastery. It’s like .paring the best player on your .pany basketball team to Michael Jordan. For this stuff, sky is the limit – truly. Women WANT you to take them to the limit, to express yourself FULLY, with total purpose and desire. There’s really no opposition when you get your mind right about this stuff. If you know how to build a connection with a woman you like, then you can do it any day/night of the week. Do this with a handful of women, and poof, you have…a "full roster." It’s as easy as you can make it. Copyright (c) 2009 Vin DiCarlo 相关的主题文章: