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Ma’anshan police issued the first individual terror "ticket" – Anhui Channel – an online news in September 26th, Ma’anshan city and county netizens Zhou Moumou due to fear of violent video download held by the police detained for 12 days, this is also the first city police out of the ticket counter". In early September, the Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed at work, and a calendar week in the town of Yang Zhou, a number of villagers on the Internet to download audio and video related to fear. According to this clue, and the County Public Security Bureau to start a comprehensive mechanism to combat terrorism investigation, immediately carry out investigation, investigation, evidence collection, and take measures to arrest Zhou moumou. Upon examination, Zhou Moumou since July this year, violent terrorist watch video after curiosity in WeChat group, seeking stimulation for individuals, many download audio and video for fear of violence and alleged forwarding, public security organs extracted a number of violent terrorist audio and video evidence from the Zhou Moumou computer, including terrorist hostage video shot the cutting head, a knife to kill the hostages, video to promote "illegal content Jihad" video to children. In accordance with the provisions of article second of the Anti Terrorism Law of People’s Republic of China, the County Public Security Bureau of the crime of illegal possession of fear and fear of audio and video Zhou Moumou administrative detention for 12 days of punishment. The case is also the implementation of the People’s Republic of China Anti Terrorism Law in January 1st this year, the city’s public security organs to investigate the first case of violation of the People’s Republic of China Anti Terrorism Law case. According to the Ma’anshan Municipal Public Security Bureau Anti Terror detachment Xu Wei introduced from home and abroad in recent years cracked violent terrorist crimes, production and dissemination of violent horror audio and video, is an important cause of violence prone cases fear: the fear of violence molecules most had to listen to watch violent horror audio and video, and ultimately violent terrorist crimes. In particular, the use of the Internet to spread illegal propaganda fast, wide range, the way is hidden, the harm to the social stability and the growing impact. According to the relevant provisions of the law, any unit or individual production, transmission, replication, transmission, storage, playback storm audio and video, download, storage, forwarding, copy, publish, upload audio and video for fear of violence and related links, production, storage, sale, transportation, entrainment, sending containing violent terrorist audio and video objects. All violations will be punished by the law. Captain Xu Weizhi reminded the storm audio and video curious and eager to share the netizens to long snacks, illegal things not to do. (reporter Huang Nana) (commissioning editor Jin Leixin and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: