Luo Ning no Dunga has denied contact with the end of November after the change of equity will

Luo Ning: no Dunga has denied contact with the end of November after the change of equity will lead Luo Ning (data plan) "we must firmly take the road of diversified, now this kind of market environment, certainly not playing football." Accept the Beijing morning news reporters interview yesterday, the national security Club honorary chairman Luo Ning in reference to increase their investment described equity allocation scheme, "we are not certain to account for the bulk of this idea." As for the concern of the new season and coach for foreign aid, Cronin said, "everything in advance, but to other shareholders determined to have a clear conclusion." Stock market operation as the old state-owned firm Guoan Football Club, try first and other capital cooperation is not so ideal and the final part: they LETV, other funds are not available, the club also greatly affected. Because of earlier lessons and music as cooperation, national security early selection of new partners, Cronin told the Beijing morning news reporter said, "we are very firmly to seek more ways, hoping to find a good partner, better market operation." In the National Security Council decided to increase capital, embrace of the market, the market also had a keen interest in national security. In fact, at the beginning of this year, the national security and music as a hand before, there are several other capital side of the olive branch to the national security. In June this year, the national security to the music as a relay to terminate the letter of cooperation, they began to contact with other capital. Prior to the news revealed that the new partner will be the security of the country and the IDG gold ant capital. 2016 before the end of the super season, it has been on their national security club due diligence investigation. However, the national security, IDG and ant gold service did not give a clear answer. For whether it will work with them on the Beijing Morning Post reporter yesterday his answer is meaningful, "now the shares are still talking about, everything is going very smoothly, but there are still some details we need more clear. In the absence of any statement before signing approval, are not appropriate, we also hope that everyone can have a satisfactory way of cooperation." Equity in finding the best program in the national security decision after the capital increase, equity allocation has become the focus of the outside world, Cronin is very firm, "the idea, is hoping to make the operation of the club is more reasonable, more in line with the laws of football. In the course of the negotiations, it is also very clear such thinking." Whether the national security to occupy more than fifty percent of the shares, Rhonin directly told the Beijing morning news reporters: "is not necessarily the case, we do not think so." It is also said that the national security and two new partners already have a "433" and "442" of the allocation of the two options. If in accordance with the "433" plan, the national security will be 40% share, ants and IDG each accounted for 30%, CITIC Group is the only national security major shareholders; and if in accordance with the "442 plan", the national security with the other partners to jointly hold 40% of the shares. Whether the distribution ratio that ronin said, "we do not have to be accounted for, several parties will choose one for all of us are reasonable distribution plan, now we are still in the process of advancing.".相关的主题文章: