Luneng Taishan 85 after Li Wei or should be the most should not be forgotten-pullip

Taishan Luneng 85 stick after Li Wei or should be the forgotten herd boy Li Wei Qilu net Ji’nan on September 30th news (reporter   Xu Kaihua) today’s super into the last batch period this year, the Taishan Luneng this season have been happy, is too low, there have been failures, there are a legend. In addition to high light moment many "Star", we also remember sunshine relaxation, should also remember the inward domineering herd boy — "tiger" Li Wei. Hold the line of time, still remember, that year Wang Xiaolong, Lv Zheng and Li Wei, the three from Beijing Luneng Taishan that began to shine in the herd boy, Touba era, the green arena, they have never forgotten the frivolous and glorious years, they grew up in that year started the Academy, in Luneng development Taishan, now have a husband as a father, three teams, three places, the same is true of the herd boy. Now, there’s Li Wei, the fans love to call him "tiger", still adhere to the Luneng Taishan, even briefly left. And this season, Li Wei is not the most dazzling star on the Taishan team, many times he is just a substitute, even missed debut. 85 players, thirty people, trance, so maybe he walked upright, for football and stick to the sentiment, only his mind most clearly. Vaguely remember, after a game, Captain Li Wei said of the game, we did a great job, "we this batch of team members on behalf of the Luneng, reflects the attitude and spirit, we can do that, young players more and more mature, their training attitude is very good, very seriously, sometimes just need a future opportunities, Taishan will do better." Vaguely remember, in a match, at the moment we didn’t score, standing in the middle of Li Wei unconsciously knees to celebrate, photographer clearly recorded the picture. That year, Wang Jiang in the FA Cup final in the same. Whether you believe it or not, I think this is the true love for the team. Because, man knees are gold. This season Luneng experienced a hitherto unknown trough, a home court losing the game after a friend said that this sentence comfort lost in Li Wei, "anyway, you didn’t play, no matter ah, what." Then there was the silence, the silence, the silence, and then Li Wei said, "I don’t think you should say that!" 2016 after the downturn, will be the new 2017, we believe that true love Luneng "gained" will shine in the team, and occasionally with the captain’s armband, continue to fly above the familiar green. Perhaps, his debut opportunity is not much, but the righteous is true sense of belonging to the players, fans will feel the presence, even if you did not love so introverted, excessive expression of what, because the pitch on the spotlight, the running around football because there is love, it may have all. Herd boy, then herd. We are together, youth, love is not old.相关的主题文章: