Love forever was premiered on Liu Tao Huang Jue face strength ca4111

"Love forever" was premiered on Liu Tao Huang Jue strength face Sina entertainment news from Blue Sky Studios, Tianshi satellite media, hualubaina, Beijing Beijing Chinese shadow Wenxuan jointly produced, directed by Liu Xin, Liu Tao, Kaili Zhang, [micro-blog] Huang Jue, Han Tongsheng, Ye Zuxin, Pan Chen [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Wei Wei, starring Li Jingjing City emotional drama "love forever" yesterday in Zhejiang satellite TV China blue theater premiere, then the file "separation", in a relaxed and warm start strong plot. The play tells the story of Kim’s "almighty goddess" Jin Na (Liu Tao), "the best mom" pretty flowers (Kaili Zhang ornaments), "by father Jin Zhiyang (Han Tongsheng)," no reliable 90 "Jin Bo (Ye Zuxin), a family of four people across two generations of emotional stories. Liu Tao unlock female doctors experienced repeatedly abused people start frequency shift, "love forever" finally in time and again in the launch, while the premiere performance also did not live up to the audience to wait. Remove the main armor of Liu Tao in the play incarnation doctor Kim, white fluttering, with angel aura. A show will capture a lot of audience. Who knows beauty but three seconds, Dr. Kim met on the first day of time and trouble, Wu actor called staged a "Out of blows friendship grows, the so-called" drama Wu courageous has no intention of harm to the side of the Jin Na, a heavy hit on gold elbow on her face. Jeanna’s trouble ensued, young nurse gave the crying child needle but also how inexact, kind help she was the patient’s family poured boiling water scald, wrist. One day even two crit, friends chanted: "love Wuli Jeanna goddess", "I want to jump into the screen in gold Yisen hug". Kaili Zhang Han Tongsheng staged the most adorable couple in the premiere of just two, Kaili Zhang and Han Tongsheng two scenes brilliant, with adorable little. Han Tongsheng’s Jin Zhiyang is a real "by Dad", in Kaili Zhang’s "hot mom" pretty flowers of majesty, dare not have any criticism. With this sense of contrast, two people in the family life trifles occurred frequently in dispute, and ultimately tend to the old gold surrender ended. During the process, the two old play bone in the lines, expression, the high accuracy of the role of the role of the MOE with the point, the point of laughter show incisively and vividly. Some netizens said: too fond of Han Tongsheng, this group of CP, two people together with a smile box". Surprisingly, this "one is willing to fight, one is willing to suffer," the relationship will soon take place 180°. The old king was forced to finally "man" for a while, agreed to a divorce! Just a divorce, there is a fierce pursuit encounter colleague Sun Wenjuan, "open house", "nude", a life time of old gold or like walking South Korea set hundred long drama, yet let warm people explode laugh. Friends said, he played the old gold "solar thing", but has been guarding the home, be warm to.相关的主题文章: