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Long march seven female designer: responsible for the more than 19 thousand and 900 screw error free – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Wang Huiping. CCTV news: in the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Launch Vehicle Technology Research Institute CZ-2F arrow body design team, there is such a young deputy director designer. She is cheerful, treat the work is always full of passion and enterprising spirit, her warm and thoughtful, treat life is always positive and optimistic, with a smile. She participated in the work for only seven years, but participated in the development of a number of key models, she used the work attitude of the unknown and selfless dedication of the work, the interpretation of the spirit of the young generation of aerospace. She is the deputy director of the CZ-2F model arrow Structure Designer – Wang Huiping. "Down to earth, hard work" is Wang Huiping’s philosophy of work. When she was less than three years old, she became the deputy director of the CZ-2F manned launch vehicle model. In order to make oneself quickly familiar with the business, to change their role in the Rockets, product acceptance and the factory before the review and quality inspection work, she is learning by doing, the rapid growth in actual combat, broaden the thinking and deep details, detailed review, strict quality, quickly on the structure and aspects of the global system full details of master. I am responsible for the screw from the remote nine rocket, CZ-2F models put forward bolt connection torque torque control requirements. The arrow rocket structure more than and 40 sections of products related to bolt (bolt) install fasteners more than 19 thousand and 900, these screws have a connection, bearing and sealing effect, is an integral part of the whole body structure, failure of screw connection is likely to lead to destruction of the rocket body structure failure mechanism, connection failure or tank sealing failure. How effective do quantitative tightening torque control is a difficult problem: if the torque value is too small, it cannot fully tighten the screws, cause the connection failure or seal failure; on the contrary, the torque value is too large, the pretightening force is too easy to cause the screw, screw fracture. The influence factors of the tightening torque is very much connected to different parts, different materials, different screw specifications, different surface states are directly affect the torque setting, therefore, the arrow screw torque setting quantitative control problem is not only difficult and high risk. As the rocket body structure of deputy chief designer, Wang Huiping decided to bite off this hoe. She has organized professional discussion on this issue, in order to carry out in-depth research on screw tightening torque, torque at the same time engineering survey also carried out theoretical research work, from the theoretical analysis of the relationship between the screw preload and tightening torque. Sort out all the arrow section connecting screws use, installation design parameters of position, quantity, specifications, anti loosing measures, planning the fastener screw tightening torque test, designed more than 50 kinds of operating conditions, more than 150 pieces of test pieces, more than 1500 sets of fasteners, while doing the test, while groping law, while adjust the test plan. The experiment has been carried out for 2 years. Through the analysis of the experimental data, the influence of various factors on the torque tension relationship is studied.相关的主题文章: