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LOL magic girl portfolio "star Guardian" skin line – Sina heroes Union area at the beginning of the creation, the star of Siwon created the universe with its brilliance. The birth of a new world – at the same time, the soldiers are immersed in the glory of Siwon star. These guardians are burning bright supernova, but their flaming blazing to burn. They are the guardians of the stars the magical girls". [magic girl Janna] "guardian of die, the star soul is immortal." Janna is the guardian of the veteran star, with her rich experience to guide the team. Although she never mentioned in the news, Bobbi, Lu Lu and Lacus, gold marks before adding Janna has led other researchers of the star guard. She is strict to perform her duties, but I always vaguely look forward to the completion of the mission of the day, let the new guardian inherited her strength. [magic girl Lu Lu] "the light is greeted, with us the safest." Guardian of the youngest star, Lu Lu felt himself and the strength of the link to the next of kin to firmly close there. Compared to the team’s petty conflicts and precepts, Lu Lu is more addicted to his magic world. This strange behavior often makes Lu Lu look different from the others. Only gold marks downright true understand Lu Lu’s inherent nature, the pursuit of extraordinary life. [magic girl] "gold marks these damn light fried gives me a headache! Can you just tell me where to go!" Star of the guardians of gold marks are struggling with newcomer, she inherited the fate of the price paid in. She is a born rebel girl, anyone who tries to control her destiny will taste her anger. Her strength seems to be the most powerful of the guardians of the stars, but it will not be fully awakened until she accepts her guardian. [Bobbi] I am a warrior, not a savior. Don’t stand in my way. – I have something to do." In order to complete the mission, so Bobbi. She sees her power as a weapon to destroy everything that threatens her. Bobbi refused to acknowledge any wavering about her mission, and if necessary, she would face all the challenges alone. [magic girl] "Lacus I will watch stars to the last breath." Lacus leads to the dark night of stars through the initial. As a leader of innate, Lacus’s task is to unite the guardian star. She knows the price of strength, and never let go of the peace of the universe. Lacks on call of duty bound, but the guardian star in the opposite as rebels are at a loss what to do gold marks. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: