Liu Yisheng gold weekend summary and outlook for next week yvette yates

Liu Yisheng: summary and Prospect of gold weekend next week clients view the latest market end of the National Day holiday, today is the first working day after the national day, when you see me this article must also work, regardless of you in yesterday’s non-agricultural or not, the market has set lattice, also does not write the days of today. Just talk about Friday’s payrolls as in the past few happy tears, this sentence I also used a number of times, the overall trend is still relatively disappointing payrolls, the price of gold to $1265, I expected in 1275 there is a distance. Of course, not only disappointed me, a lot of single people down, which means 1300 above the empty single continue to set, can only hope that next week, gold rose up. During the national day gold collapse downwards, there is the unexpected speech, on the other hand, many institutions and hedge funds more than a single stop point 1300 below, a large number of selling single transaction caused prices fell rapidly, it can be said that the national day gold fell hurt more than some of the main retail, also suffered no small loss. At the same time also attracted a lot of attention to stop regret a previous mistake. Of course, I will be Friday’s payrolls in front of the computer, as a single thought, a public number, have written very clearly, here is not repeated, only the wave fell Tiaokong, the price of gold fell below 1255 to 1240 is contrary to expectation, but also smooth and timely remedy, gold rebounded to $1251. Goldman said Friday it has strategic buying value below 1250 gold, said he saw the truth also scared a bit, because the crow mouth Goldman is famous, but this time I’d agree with Goldman’s views. Accidental crash is often need to rise in response to Wednesday, Thursday consolidation are waiting for Friday’s non farm payrolls data released, now, after two days of digestion weekend, out of the mix always has, all may force is also a kind of power, the spirit will affect the reality, pull away. From a fundamental point of view, the biggest factor is that the Fed’s interest rate hike in gold, in addition to the large fundamentals are to support the gold bull market, while the Fed may raise interest rates in November may be excluded. 1240 support for a rebound after the price of gold fell overnight on the morning, here is also very close to the weekly boll rail, is the gold mentioned yesterday on the theory of low of 1235, from a technical perspective, gold price outlook is to rely on the probability of Sergey under the rail support Fanchou 1280-1300, once a firm this line, we can declare multiple regression. Open the fourth quarter rise, of course, it takes time to verify. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own.相关的主题文章: