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Liu Shiwen: to play Ping Chao Wang values by Liu Shiwen as the world champion team at the women’s Table Tennis Ranking Liu Shiwen, joined the Wuhan peace 100 Club attracted attention. Yesterday, the news conference, Liu Shiwen said he was under pressure, but also to help the team win confidence. "Can become a member of the Wuhan team, very happy, here, there is the feeling of home." "Home" is about   hot and dry noodles is three days before Liu Shiwen arrived in Wuhan, Wuhan to Wuhan to feel good, more snacks have a look. "The people here are very warm. I also heard that Wuhan has a lot of snacks, hot and dry noodles is very famous, but now is not to eat. League to play more than two months, there are opportunities to eat." The "s"   to play its proper value in September 6, 2016, the International Table Tennis Federation world rankings, Liu Shiwen ranked women’s singles title, this also let her become the 2016 China women’s table tennis market in europe. Wuhan at the 100 club in table tennis Chinese delisting conference, with the price of 6 million 990 thousand yuan off Liu Shiwen. In this regard, Liu Shiwen admits a lot of pressure, she exclaimed: "the money is very much. How to reflect the value ah!" "Win"   rely on the strength of the team in August 17, 2016, the Rio Olympic Games, Liu Shiwen and his teammates Li Xiaoxia and Ding Ning 3:0 swept the German team, won the women’s team champion of table tennis. Since then, attended the event, and participated in a number of games. Liu Shiwen said: all day on the road, training is not very systematic, coupled with the body is not very good, a few days ago to play, the body close to collapse. It’s a little better now." Liu Shiwen knows what it means to be a runner up last season, saying: "we will rely on the strength of the team to beat the champion." Wuhan’s "reload" red crown       yesterday morning, 2016 Chinese table tennis club super league tournament Hubei division launching ceremony held in Huangpi stadium. As the only one team in Wuhan, Wuhan at the 100 club was established last year, the year that won the table tennis super girl runner up. To make still further progress, specially invited Hubei local club champion Rao Jingwen as coach, the introduction of the world’s top ranked Liu Shiwen and Hubei national champion Feng Yalan, Zhang Rui, and Liu Gaoyang, members of the club last season and Muzi had composed the 2016 season super lineup. The 16 day (Sunday) the first round, Wuhan team will secure 100% home court in Huangpi stadium, against national champion Guo Yan’s Sichuan dome vanguard. Reporter Yu Guohua相关的主题文章: