Liu Qi, governor of Jiangxi province met with Chinese officials and officials of the Chinese and Wes-isobuster

Acting governor of Jiangxi province Liu Qi met with Chinese embassy officials Hebei Culture – Beijing, China News Agency, Jiangxi September 23 Fuzhou Xinhua (reporter Liu Junwu Liu Zhankun Su Lucheng) acting governor of Jiangxi province Liu Qi 23 in the "hometown of Tang Xianzu", Jiangxi met in Fuzhou to attend the 400 anniversary of the death of Tang Xianzu in 2016 "of foreign embassies and consulates a line of officials. He expressed the hope that through this commemoration, the integration of Chinese and Western culture, and jointly contribute to the development of mankind. During the meeting, Liu Qi first introduced the economic and social development of Jiangxi from the United Kingdom, Spain, Chile, the United States and other embassies and consulates in china. He said that Jiangxi has superior geographical position and abundant resources, a long history and profound culture, the reputation of "Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people", the emergence of many historical and cultural celebrities like Tang Xianzu. Liu Qi said, the envoys are the first to Jiangxi, the Tang Xianzu memorial event can be said to be the friends. Hope to take this bridge of friendship, to extend to a wider area, so that more people know Tang Xianzu, know that is the people of Jiangxi. Through the activities of the development, we will certainly make Tang Xianzu, Jiangxi, China has a deeper, broader understanding. Liu Qi also borrows the Chinese saying that he wants to deepen the ties between Jiangxi and other countries. He said, "a retrogradation and two cooked, three times is an old friend. I hope that through the joint commemoration of Tang Xianzu, we can always keep in touch through the wider spread of your contacts, so that more people understand Jiangxi." As the embassy officials on behalf of the delegation of Chile, Ambassador he George, to better understand the culture of a country, then through the understanding of the country’s local customs and practices, personnel and all the related literature, "today I and colleagues are very honored to be" drama of the township "in Fuzhou, Chinese has 5000 years of history of civilization we hope that, through your culture and literature to learn more Chinese." In this regard, Liu Qiyi agreed. He said that literature and art has its very magical place, different countries, different nationalities can find common language from the literature and art. We very much hope to strengthen the exchange of literature and art, but also hope that through this opportunity to commemorate the three masters, the integration of Chinese and Western culture, and jointly contribute to the development of mankind. 2016 is the three anniversary of the death of Shakespeare, Cervantes and Tang Xianzu, the great masters of literature in the past 400 years. September 24th to 26, including China, the United Kingdom, Spain, including the three countries, officials and scholars in Jiangxi, Fuzhou to carry out joint commemorative activities. (end)相关的主题文章: