Liquefied gas tank explosion two villagers with severe

Liquefied gas tank explosion burns two villagers 7 watts at 3:30 in the afternoon, Yuan Tai Zhen pan Yun Cun Xu Tun Li Ronghua home, suddenly heard a loud noise, such as the villagers arrived, smoke, and the five small house there are two people inside. With the help of the villagers, two people escaped from the fire, but they were badly burned. Reporter linked to Li Ronghua’s neighbors learned that when some young villagers want to rush into the house to save people, but the fire is spreading, we do not dare to go in, just outside shouting desperately. When they ran out, the clothes were burned. Subsequently, the villagers will be sent to the local hospital. According to reports, the injured were Xu Sheng party and Li Ronghua, 73 year old Li Ronghua, particularly severe burns of the third year, Xu Xu, a 51 year old Party of the year 45% severe burns. Currently, two people are still in the city hospital intensive care unit for treatment. Since the two are currently in the intensive care unit, the specific explosion process is not clear. The villagers just know, before the incident, the villagers Li Ronghua find Xu Sheng home repair party gas tank, do not know what the reason, the explosion of liquefied gas tank. Xu Sheng’s son told reporters that two people in hospital has now spent a total of about 100000, and now the cost of medical expenses for the day of the two people need at least more than 10 thousand, the home is really no money. If you are willing to lend a helping hand to help them, you can call Xu Sheng phone: 13609832567. Reporter Intern Liu Jun相关的主题文章: