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Lin Chiling chameleon "Hua Xianzi" beauty to a standing ovation tribute – Sohu   entertainment; Lin Chiling incarnation " flower fairy " Sohu entertainment Lin Chiling hearing how beautiful? The Saturday night "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) seems to be the answer, this period "bestie afternoon tea" theme design, second season champion designer Li Wei Lin Chiling to fight the "Flower Fairy", long haired, light Chiffon see-through dress very fit Lin Chiling gentle the temperament, so full of fairies Lin Chiling played for the Soviet Union to stand up, so that the beauty of Lin Chiling. When it comes to the theme of "bestie afternoon tea", Lin Chiling also expressed his views on the subject, hoping to "free life" and "bestie and close", "romantic", "women like living in the garden" these elements into the design theme. While the designer Li Wei also meet the aspirations of Lin Chiling, the entire show both comfortable and beautiful, in order to fit the design theme, the stage has become a dense forest, trees, waterfalls, vines, huge flowers embellishment, the model seems to be in spirit, the element of flowers headwear, clothing also use large flower elements. The naked eye 3D screen suddenly thousands of butterflies, long hair fluttering around, Lin Chiling walked out from the depths of the forest, surrounded by butterflies, the design of gauze dress it is very light, and Lin Chiling’s iconic big legs are in the tulle skirt partly hidden and partly visible, but not reminiscent of sexy but only let people feel to the pure fairy. So "Hua Xianzi", the United States to the side of the watch can not help but praise, "too beautiful, too beautiful." The audience includes buyers seem to have been Lin Chiling’s beauty shocked that all the standing ovation, host Lin Chiling "full of fairies". Lin Chiling summed up the suit, said, in fact, we are Hua Xianzi, I think girls, whether at any age, want to blossom, so I hope to bring you this feeling." Li Wei brought the logo design and for Lin Chiling temperament, beautiful Lin Chiling, stunning "new clothes", finally the compliments can be transformed into a buyer’s bid? How could Li Wei and Lin Chiling collide? Please watch this Saturday night 10:00 Oriental TV broadcast "my new clothes".相关的主题文章: