Liaoning today and more showers Shenyang showers will continue until Saturday

Liaoning today, there are more showers Shenyang showers will continue until Saturday these days, we should feel the deepest is the morning of the cold and noon heat. From the beginning this Monday, we are the temperature difference between day and night in Shenyang City in more than 15 DEG C, and the weather especially easy to catch cold, we still have to pay a lot of attention. Today is the thunderstorm showers weather, the rain will be estimated relatively slightly larger morning. Affected by it, Shen city temperature dropped slightly, do not forget to add clothes out. On the two day of the weekend, the city is dominated by cloudy weather, with a maximum temperature of between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius, with a minimum temperature of between 12 and C. Next Tuesday, we will have a new round of cooling, the highest temperature during the day is estimated to be difficult to reach 20 degrees. Shenyang, the weather today, the whole point of temperature in addition to Dalian and Dandong, the province is cloudy weather, other cities will fall in different periods of showers or thunderstorms. We always say "a cold autumn rain, but no significant changes the temperature today. The maximum temperature is 21~26 DEG C, the lowest temperature is 11~19. The wind is not big. Inland city 3~4, coastal area 4~5. But after the autumnal equinox solar term, diurnal temperature drop will become increasingly large, such as Fushun, today diurnal temperature is 12 DEG C. Sooner or later need to add a coat. The province’s major cities weather Saturday, northwest and northeast, Tieling, Shenyang, Fuxin, Chaoyang and other places there are showers. Rainfall is expected in Fushun, Benxi, ending". Although the rainfall intensity is not large, but there will be a significant cooling after the rain. Next week the temperature will drop significantly, like Shenyang, next Thursday, next Friday, the maximum temperature may drop to 14, 15 degrees C. However, during the eleven temperature will bounce back, rose to more than 20 degrees celsius.相关的主题文章: