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Li Yinhe: people can’t do what is not simply to enjoy life – Sohu culture channel sociologist Li Yinhe has the biggest news, she tried a medical beauty, and the whole process to the rigor of scholars recorded and published. People can’t accept a scholar should also do beauty and advertising, as a scholar was born with dishevelled hair and a dirty face. The beauty of this small thing, let some people have moral superiority to others face a lot of criticism. However, Li Yinhe is really good looking finish beauty. In "enjoy life: my life aesthetics" book before the start of the conference, reporters asked about beauty, Li Yinhe openly said that beauty is a way to enjoy life, "the elderly gradually get rid of the object character, medical beauty is a pure pleasure from my way". "Enjoy life" by Li Yinhe more than 160 short essays, divided into "fortunate encounter love" and "freedom and happiness" and "retreat and solitude" "desire and liberation" and "free writing" in 5 parts. There are people who still doubt, if not Wang Xiaobao, Li Yinhe’s name will obliterate all. Li Yinhe seems in no hurry to stay out of this relationship, "enjoy life" first told about the grave, "in the twinkling of an eye, has been over the past 18 years, wavelet, you well in the world". Then a few articles that discuss are "spiritual love" "soul mate" "lust" discusses the decades old topic. However, after the first part, Li Yinhe’s name will be completely independent of the outside of Wang Xiaobao. About happiness, freedom, life and spirit of the ultimate proposition ", let people see the one out of the gender role of Li Yinhe. It is said that Li Yinhe’s work in 2012 as a retirement sector, showing a different content and style. Prior to the research works of sociology, mainly influenced by existentialism, deconstruction, postmodernism philosophy, academic ideas and style of writing with Foucault marks; after the work is mainly to essays, "my philosophy of life" "an atheist" retreat as the representative. The attention of seclusion, meditation, look at yourself from time to time life, including life, life style, life goals and life state, these works from time to time that the shadow of Thoreau. In 2015, Li Yinhe went to the dreamlike walden. She stood in the ruins of Thoreau lived two years house, overlooking the tens of meters outside the quiet and mysterious walden. Look at the wood engraved on Thoreau’s sentence "I went into the woods, because I wanted to live a life with only the fundamental truths of life, and see if it will tell me when I die that I did not". Li Yinhe said: "every word, like a drumstick, thumping in my mind on the drum surface, making the sound…… My heart goes back to Thoreau, Walden is my sanctuary. For the rest of my life." A lot of people retire after a problem: in the pendulum of Schopenhauer’s theory of pain and boredom at both ends of the pendulum, the pendulum of life are all on the boring side. Li Yinhe is no exception, in the end the sociological research on and try to write the small sm"相关的主题文章: