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Li Yifeng unveiled the "sparrow" conference   premiere Spy Drama bluntly "challenge" — fashion — August 25th, Li Yifeng appeared in Beijing, attended the TV drama "sparrow" the fixed gear conference. The same day, he was wearing a red plaid shirt under a pair of dark jeans, mature and full of charm. The event, Li Yifeng talked about the role of the generous views "he surface cynical heart is very tangled, in fact". The "sparrow" is Li Yifeng’s first spy war works, in an interview he said "there are challenges". The premiere of spy film Li Yifeng bluntly "challenge" attention in the TV series "sparrow", played by Li Yifeng Chen Shen’s revolutionary beliefs lurk. The same day, he was wearing a red plaid suit under a dark jeans appearance, looks mature without losing the yuppie breath, quite a bit of "Captain Chen" style. It is understood that this is the first time Li Yifeng appeared in the spy film. When asked by the host after the broadcast, whether it will be compared with the same type of work, Li Yifeng said: I hope the sparrow can become a brand of my work. It is not important, it is important that every character of the play, every emotional line is very attractive." Turning to the views of the work, Li Yifeng bluntly challenging, or would like to bring back to the middle of the history of it, in many details, the link will be serious to face." In addition to the work itself, the emotional drama between Li Yifeng and two girls also attracted attention. When asked if she would fall in love with Dongyu Zhou Xu Bicheng, Li Yifeng shared his view: "I like many types of girls, just like I love you." "Sparrow" set the file in September Li Yifeng identity full of mysterious variety in the latent period, the dual identity of Li Yifeng for non-stop, but also added a lot of drama for the show. The conference, when the next Zhang Luyi ridicule new hair neat bang Zhuangnen, supporting Li Yifeng short track "why today hair is so long? Because I do not, no one to cut your hair ", verbal humor amused the audience instantly. In the play, Li Yifeng and his brother, Zhang Luyi, fell in love with the killing of the. The movie, three people feeling good, often eat Hot pot group. The scene, Li Yifeng published the speech: "eat" chowhound "is a very important thing, is also an important culture, there are a lot of feelings inside, this is a good way to facilitate exchange of feelings increase." In addition, Li Yifeng also gave a high evaluation on TV, saying "it is different from the spy film is very traditional, very fresh and new mode. Each link is very tight". It is understood that the Spy Drama "sparrow" will be landing in Hunan TV in September 5th.   (commissioning editor: Liu Boxue, Li?)相关的主题文章: